PETA Files Notice Against Oil Companies for Abusing Bullocks

Posted on by PETA

(PETA) has filed notice against two oil companies whose dealers have been observed using bullocks to pull heavy kerosene tankers through the streets of Mumbai in apparent violation of federal and state laws. Transporters contracted by Hindustan Petroleum and India Oil corporations have permanently stationed the bullocks on the main street opposite the Shiwari Railway Station in Mumbai in all weather extremes without shelter. When the animals aren’t pulling the tankers, they are tethered amid heaps of dung and urine-soaked muck and are not receiving adequate food and water.the animals are stationed on pavement and forced to live in their own filth, the oil companies could also be in violation of this act for posing a threat to human health and denying pedestrians unfettered access to walkways.

“These animals aren’t even supposed to be in Mumbai – let alone the victims of abuse by Hindustan Petroleum and India Oil”, says PETA India Chief Functionary Anuradha Sawhney. “We’re calling on both companies to stop using bullocks to draw heavy kerosene tankers and otherwise abusing these animals in what appears to be a clear violation of animal protection legislation.”

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