PETA Encourages Telangana to Avoid the Flu

Posted on by PETA

As the latest swine flu outbreak sweeps across Telangana, PETA India members dressed in hazmat suits converged on Hyderabad with a powerful message – that diseases such as swine flu can spread like wildfire on the filthy farms where pigs and other animals are confined to crowded sheds and pens.


The demonstrators gave out free vegetarian/vegan starter kits to urge passers-by to help stop conditions that lead to such viruses by dropping meat from their meals.

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Animals on factory farms are crammed by the thousands into filthy, extremely crowded sheds, and they are slaughtered on killing floors that are contaminated with faeces, vomit and other bodily substances. These conditions have led to a rise in food-borne pathogens such as E coli, campylobacter, salmonella, listeria and other bacteria that originate in animals’ intestinal tracts and faeces. As their names imply, swine flu and avian flu come from pigs and birds, respectively, and the viruses that cause them often mutate into pathogens that can afflict humans.

Help slow down the emergence and spread of deadly diseases by going vegan. And what better time to do so than at the beginning of a new year! A balanced vegan diet can help boost your immune system and increase your life expectancy, too. Vegan meals can also help the environment: raising animals for food is a leading cause of water pollution, land degradation and the greenhouse-gas emissions that cause climate change.

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