Nominate Your Compassionate Kid for an Award!

Posted on by PETA

Do you know an angel for animals? Are your children or any other kids you know shining examples of compassion? Maybe they go out of their way to help animals in distress or tell all their friends about how great it is to be vegan. Whatever they do to help animals, we’d love to hear about it!

We know there are lots of caring youngsters out there, and here’s your chance to give them the appreciation that they deserve by nominating them for PETA’s Compassionate Kid Award! It’s a way to reward children who show respect for animals and to let them share their story in order to inspire others.

It’s not a competition, and every nominee who shows compassion towards animals is already a winner. Recipients of the award may be featured in their local newspaper – which will make them instant celebrities and help publicise animal-protection issues – and will also get a certificate and some PETA goodies for their efforts!

There’s no deadline for your nominations, and you can enter as many kids as you’d like. Nominees should be younger than 13 years old. Award recipients will be chosen on the basis of PETA’s assessment of how inspiring their acts of compassion are.

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