Meet PETA’s 2017 Cutest Vegetarians Next Door

Posted on by PETA

A round of applause for all the finalists and a big thank-you to all who took part! The competition was fierce in PETA India’s annual Cutest Vegetarian Next Door contest, but after tallying the votes (and thanks to all who voted!) and sifting through the top picks, we’ve selected the winners. Without further ado, we’re proud to crown Vinodh Kumar Ramu and Richa Arya as the Cutest Vegetarians Next Door of 2017 (insert a round of applause here).

Vinodh is a vegetarian from birth who recently went vegan after witnessing the cruelty on dairy farms. He realises that it’s immoral to exploit any species and that going vegan is the best way to achieve animal liberation.

Richa is a vegetarian because she doesn’t see animals as food and believes in animal welfare, not in killing them.

Both winners will receive a sash, a trophy, a certificate, vegetarian/vegan starter kit s to share with their friends, a “Glass Walls” DVD, and, most importantly, bragging rights. Who wouldn’t want to brag about following a plant-based lifestyle, which shrinks your carbon footprint, spares the lives of many animals a year, and reduces your risk of suffering from cancer, heart disease, and obesity? So how about going vegetarian yourself? Getting started is as easy as checking out these yummy dishes and helping yourself to this useful read. Who knows? You might even be inspired to enter the contest next year.