Make Mahashivratri Pure: Go Dairy-Free!

Posted on by PETA

Milk sold at the market these days comes from cruel factory farms, where cows spend their lives in tiny stalls, have their calves taken from them so that humans can steal the milk that was meant to be theirs and are often injected with Oxytocin, which is used by misguided farmers to try to force the cows to produce unnaturally large quantities of milk. It causes cows to have severe stomach cramps, mimicking labour.


Instead of offering cruel dairy products, opt for coconut milk, rose water, coconut water or sugar. Bilwa and betel leaves, flowers and jujube fruit are also holy, cruelty-free and friendly to the environment. And did you know that water is the official offering for purity?

By avoiding dairy products, you can also help keep the environment clean, as plastic bags are often ingested by cows and other animals.

You can make a difference by pledging to stop consuming dairy products and saying NO to animal abuse in India now.