Let Animals Win the Next World Cup

Posted on by PETA


Our sexy ladies made the already high temperatures soar when they called on the ICC to punt leather balls and replace them with synthetic ones. Wearing short skirts and flirty tops resembling the uniforms of each nation which has played in the ICC Cricket World Cup, our ladies held a demonstration right outside Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai asking the ICC to give cows a break and choose fake!

By switching to synthetic balls, the ICC would spare countless cows in India from cruelty such as being marched for days to slaughter without food or water and being skinned and dismembered, often while still conscious. Synthetic options are kind to animals unlike their leather counterparts, and with the technology available today, they can be made to play just as well on the field.

We’re hopeful that the ICC will make the switch. After all, cricket is a “gentleman’s game” – and it should be gentle on animals too.

Let’s all give leather the boot today!