Kulture Shop’s Urban Wildlife Exhibit Focuses on Animals

Posted on by PETA

Are you a gallery groupie with a heart? Kulture Shop, which is known for its limited edition art prints and tees, is teaming up with PETA for an artistic exploration of humans’ attitudes towards animals in the city.

Join us on Saturday, 2 August, for Urban Wildlife, an unforgettable exhibition that will include a talk by PETA Youth adviser Neha Singh about India’s contradictory treatment of cows and a film screening that offers a revealing look at the leather industry. It’s a must-see for every urbanite.


Artist: Aviral Saxena; Description: How ironic! We revere the cow so much that we ban beef but are ignorant of the plight of Indian cows, who are reduced to rooting through garbage and often survive on plastic and other rubbish.

Kulture Shop’s artists are sure to get visitors thinking about how we treat animals who encounter or live in our concrete jungles and the struggles they face.

Be sure to stop by this free cutting-edge event and see how artists were inspired by the plight of animals, such as tigers who are forced from their homes by development and cobras who are trapped by snake charmers, to name just two.

When: Saturday, 2 August 2014, 2 pm–9 pm (Screening: 6:30 pm, followed by a short Q&A)

The Kulture Shop
201 Hill View Bldg #2
Opp Mehboob Studio / Patel Store
Bandra (W)

More details can be found here.