Jacqueline Asks You to Go Vegan for Lent

Posted on by PETA

Bollywood star, former Miss Sri Lanka and ardent PETA India supporter Jacqueline Fernandez, who recently went vegan, is now personally appealing to her family members, friends and throngs of fans to follow her kind example and go vegan for the 40 days of Lent.


“I went vegan, and I’ve never felt better. Now, I want to share that wonderful feeling with everybody I know”, says Fernandez. “It’s very simple: Going vegan is the best thing you can do to help stop animal suffering, protect the environment and safeguard your own health, and Lent is the perfect time to start!”

A diet based on fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and grains is beneficial to human health, reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer – all of which are major health concerns in India. Also, raising animals for food is a leading cause of water pollution, land degradation and the greenhouse-gas emissions responsible for climate change. And every vegan saves animals from torment on factory farms where they are routinely mutilated, beaten, kicked, prodded and dragged.

Fernandez’s commitment to animal rights doesn’t end at the dinner table. She recently shot a PETA ad asking Mumbai residents to help put cruel horse-drawn carriages out to pasture, and she wrote a letter on PETA’s behalf urging the Mumbai municipal corporation to do everything it can to stop horse-drawn carriage rides.

To get started, order our free vegetarian/vegan starter kit by writing to us at [email protected] now and take our pledge to go vegan this Lent.