Help Save Cows This Janmashtami

Posted on by PETA

Janmashtami (25 August) is the day dedicated to celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna, who loved cows. But Krishna would be appalled at the treatment of cows used for milk and killed for leather in India today. That’s why PETA is asking everyone to mark this Janmashtami by shunning dairy products and leather for good.

PETA’s undercover investigation of India’s dairy industry revealed that cows are chained in tiny, filthy stalls and often injected with oxytocin in a misguided attempt to make them produce much more milk than they would naturally, which causes them pain similar to what they experience in labour. Their babies are traumatically torn from them, often within days of birth, so that their milk can be sold to people.

The male calves are then abandoned, killed or sold for slaughter while the females end up suffering the same fate as their mothers.

Cattle raised and killed for leather are crammed onto vehicles in such high numbers that they often suffocate or die en route. Others are transported by foot, and when they collapse from hunger, thirst or injuries, handlers force them to stand by breaking their tails and rubbing tobacco or chillies into their eyes. At abattoirs, their throats are cut and many are dismembered and skinned alive.

Please make this a very special Janmashtami by leaving cows’ milk for baby cows and giving leather the boot!