Everybody Loves Vegetarians

Posted on by PETA

One of the warmest days on record was 28 September – not because of the mercury but because people around the world were showing their affection for vegetarians and vegans on International Hug a Vegetarian Day.

Since we’re lucky to live in the country with the largest population of vegetarians in the world, we encouraged everyone to get their hug on and show some love to all the people who save animals three times a day, 365 days a year. And did you ever! Just check out some of the pictures that we’ve received from people who ordered PETA’s free “Hug a Vegetarian” posters and stickers and held their own veggie lovefests:

hug-a-vegetarian-day-2013-4 hug-a-vegetarian-day-2013-3 hug-a-vegetarian-day-2013-2 hug-a-vegetarian-day-2013-1