Eight Dogs Rescued From Dump Yard by Mumbai Police Following PETA India Complaint

Posted on by Shreya Manocha

During a raid yesterday, eight dogs were found housed in deplorable conditions at a dump yard used as an illegal boarding facility. Mumbai police, assisted by representatives of PETA India, seized and rescued the animals, who apparently had been rented out to companies as “guard” dogs. Some dogs were found confined to kennels in a closed area with no ventilation, and others were kept on short ropes. They were living in unsanitary conditions without adequate food or water. Additionally, nobody, not even the owner, was present to watch the animals, which could have led to an untoward incident occurring. The rescued dogs have been transferred to Kalote Animal Trust in Raigad and Citizens for Animal Protection Foundation in Thane to be rehabilitated.

PETA India submitted a formal complaint with Navghar Police Station against the owner of the facility for cruelty to animals by keeping the dogs tethered around the clock and failing to provide adequate food, shelter, and sanitation. After being warned about the legal consequences of treating animals cruelly, the owner voluntarily surrendered the dogs to PETA India so that they could receive veterinary care before being rehabilitated.


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There is no need to use canines as “guard” dogs due to advances in surveillance technology and security systems. Dogs used for guarding are often subjected to neglect and abuse. They may be left alone for long periods, kept on short ropes, and confined to small, poorly ventilated spaces. Such dogs often do not receive adequate training, leading to behavioural issues. They may also be deprived of proper veterinary care, adequate food, and socialisation. Dogs are companions, not security devices, and deserve to live in homes with loving families.

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