4 Reasons Why I’m Having an Egg-Free Easter

Posted on by PETA

1. I Love Chicks: Chickens are smart birds who have complex social structures, sophisticated communication skills and distinct personalities, just as we do. They, too, feel pain, sadness, joy and love. They form strong family ties and mourn when they lose a loved one. A mother hen will turn her eggs as many as five times an hour and cluck to her chicks while they’re still in the shell – and they chirp back.

2. I Give a Cluck About Animal Welfare: On egg farms hens spend their entire lives crammed into wire cages so small that they can’t even spread a single wing. The cages are stacked many tiers high, and faeces from the birds in the top cages fall on the birds below.

3. I Give a Cluck About My Health: Eggs just aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Just one average-size egg contains a whopping 213 milligrams of cholesterol. Research suggests that regular consumption of egg yolks is almost as bad for your heart as smoking because all the cholesterol and saturated fat can clog your arteries and raise your risk for a heart attack or stroke. Studies also show that men who eat 2.5 eggs per week raise their risk of prostate cancer by 81 per cent compared with men who consume less than half an egg per week and that pregnant women who consume eggs have a much higher rate of developing gestational diabetes.

4. I Enjoy All the Excellent Egg-Free Options: Why would I eat cholesterol bombs and support egregious cruelty when I can eat mouth-watering vegan chocolates, egg-free cookies and cakes, eggless salad sandwiches and other tasty vegan dishes?