Cricketer Kartik Murali to Receive PETA’s Compassionate Athlete Award

Posted on by PETA

In recognition of Kartik Murali’s efforts to encourage the public to follow his lead by going meat-free, PETA India will be presenting the cricketer with a Compassionate Athlete Award. Kartik promotes vegetarian meals on social media and has also starred in PETA India campaigns.

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Kartik’s work to expose the suffering of animals in the meat industry helps save lives. Chickens used for food are crowded by the thousands into filthy sheds, where they’re surrounded by their own waste. Birds and other animals are crammed into vehicles for slaughter in such high numbers that many sustain broken bones, suffocate or die en route. At slaughterhouses, workers often hack at the throats of goats, sheep and other animals with dull blades.

Kartik is also quick to report animals in distress.

You Can Help

Spare the lives of animals. Go meat-free. Order your free vegetarian/vegan starter kit today.

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