Bangalore’s Carrots Restaurant: 100% Vegan

Posted on by PETA

If you’re looking for vegan cuisine in a space with natural lighting and attractive decor, Carrots – Bangalore’s first all-vegan restaurant, which has been dazzling diners from the moment that it opened – is the place to go. The Times of India recently described Carrots as a “much-appreciated answer to a vegan’s prayers”. We couldn’t agree more. The food is so delicious and satisfying that Carrots gets almost as many non-vegan customers as vegans.

Located in the heart of Bangalore’s food district, Carrots aims to attract all people who want to safeguard their healththe environment and animals in the most delicious ways imaginable. A quick rundown of the extensive menu brings home the point, with everything from starters such as rice spring rolls and hummus with multi-grain bread to main courses featuring pesto pasta, saffron-flavoured vegetable paella and veggie burgers to devilish desserts that include chocolate tofu mousse and German chocolate cake. Beverages run the gamut from every kind of fruit juice under the sun to non-dairy milkshakes, peanut soy buttermilk and a variety of top-shelf coffees and teas. And be sure to stop at Carrots’ organic store for cereals, lentils, flours and cold-pressed oils as well as many non-food vegan products.

Eating meat, dairy products and eggs is murder on animals and human health, and raising animals for food is a major source of the greenhouse gases responsible for climate change. So do your body, animals, Mother Earth and your taste buds a good turn: Eat at Carrots, and eat for life!