Arjun Rampal Helps Horses

Posted on by PETA

When he’s not acting, producing and modelling, Arjun Rampal makes time to help animals, including joining PETA in a successful call for relief for bullocks, who were once forced to haul kerosene carts in Mumbai. Now, Arjun is appealing to the Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai to ban horse-drawn carriages in the city, calling the industry “a perpetual cycle of abuse”.

Horses in Mumbai are worked to exhaustion, and many collapse. When they are too tired and sick to continue, they are whipped. Horses develop crippling lameness and chronic illnesses, for which they rarely receive veterinary care. The ramshackle stables in which they are housed are unlicensed and filthy and offer little protection from the elements or biting insects. As Arjun says, “The manner in which these magnificent animals are treated is a crime”. 

Please ask Mumbai’s Municipal Commissioner to ban horse-drawn carriages.