Ankur Tewari and Sony Music Celebrate PETA’s 18th Anniversary With Music Video Promoting Adoption of Homeless Cats

Posted on by PETA

On PETA’s 18th anniversary (12 January), singer-songwriter Ankur Tewari and Sony Music India have released a new music video dedicated to PETA starring adopted cats. All the featured felines were either rescued from the street or adopted from an animal shelter – not purchased – and their guardians are the winners of the recent “Billi Ka Bachcha” Video Contest, which invited people to send in clips showing their companions playing, snuggling, and otherwise being adorable. The aim of the video is to encourage the public to adopt homeless animals in need rather than supporting cruel pet stores and breeders.

“This was an extremely unique initiative, and we are proud to be associated with PETA,” says Anjana Devraj, head of Sony Music India’s Kids’ Division. “We are encouraged by the participation in the contest, and the video looks extremely adorable. All the cats being featured are rescued cats. We hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we enjoyed creating it!”

Ankur adds, “I have always had cats as pets since childhood, and they formed a big part of me growing up. ‘Billi Ka Bachcha’ came to me naturally, as all my cats were from the street. There’s a kind of innocence that’s common between kittens and kids that binds them together. ‘Billi Ka Bachcha’ explores that bond.”

Homeless dogs and cats across India fight for their lives on the streets. Many go hungry, are killed by vehicles, incur broken bones or infected wounds, or are abused by cruel people, while countless others languish in animal shelters. PETA urges everyone to adopt homeless animals from a shelter or the street and never buy them from pet stores or breeders, which contribute to the animal-homelessness crisis by encouraging impulse purchases that lead to abandonment.

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