Victory: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Other Animals to be Spared Cruel Tests

Posted on by PETA

Following suggestions from PETA India, the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission has made updates to Indian Pharmacopoeia, the official compilation of approved texts for drugs manufactured and marketed in India. The new edition allows companies to use a modern, animal-free test for drug contaminants that cause fever instead of subjecting animals to painful injections. The commission has also removed the requirement that forces guinea pigs and mice suffer and die in vaccine abnormal-toxicity tests. The approved companies in India would not be required to do this redundant test, which already is no longer required in the United States or Europe.

The vast physiological differences between humans and other species means the results of animal experiments are often misleading. PETA India will continue to work with government and industry stakeholders to promote the use of human-relevant, animal-free tests.

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