5 Animals Who Are Happy That You’re Vegan

Posted on by PETA

We all know that friends don’t eat friends, so here are five of your animal pals who are happy that you went vegan:

1. Hens would love to tell the farmers who force them to spend their lives inside tiny, filthy wire cages to go cluck off. So they are thrilled that you’re doing it for them by not buying eggs.

2. Like human mothers, cows are fiercely devoted to their babies. Since they are powerless to protect them, cows are grateful to everyone who buys soya and other non-dairy milk instead of supporting dairy farmers who take their babies away so that people can drink the milk that nature intended for calves.

3. Many pigs are killed by having knives stabbed into their chests or slashed across their throats, so they appreciate that you’ll start eating ham or sausage only when pigs fly.

4. Goats are smart and affectionate, but they are often killed by having their throats slashed with dull knives. They would kick up their heels if they knew that your kindness to them extended to leaving them off your dinner plate.

5. Fish don’t want to be hooked in the mouth or dragged into an atmosphere in which they cannot breathe any more than you do. So they love the fact that you’re giving the fishing industry some lip and letting fish carry on swimmingly.


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