2Blue Is 2Cool

Posted on by PETA

We just got an e-mail from our pal 2Blue, the super talented lead singer of Vayu, asking us what else he can do to help animals. Wow …

2Blue is really a star. In fact, we just gave Vayu an award for being the band most active for animals at college fests. Keep checking this site because petaDishoom and Vayu are going to work on a wallpaper together just for you. 2Blue pointed out that we need a new wallpaper for the rocker types. Check out our existing wallpapers though. They do rock, by the way. Hey, Ravi Iyer’s solo album Rocking Ragas is now out, we hear. I’m sure that’s definately worth checking out. Who’s Ravi Iyer? Um, he is said to be the most technically accomplished rock guitarist in Mumbai today! Remember Witch Hammer? Well now you remember Ravi. And he is now with Vayu. Vayu fans know where to find them but if you are new and want to check them out (they are always playing somewhere in Mumbai or Pune or elsewhere too), visit http://vayu.co.in/ to learn where to find them.