12 Years for ‘Boyhood’ and 30 Years for Animals

Posted on by PETA

From Slacker to the Before trilogyRichard Linklater has made movies that are compelling, intelligent and uniquely his own. In 2002, he committed to a 12-year journey that culminated in the Oscar-winning Boyhood. But back in 1985, he made another profound commitment: he recognised animals as sentient beings and decided to stop eating them.

At slaughterhouses in India, chickens are often scalded to death and pigs are repeatedly stabbed in the heart as they scream out in pain. Cows, goats and sheep have their throats cut – often with dirty, blunt knives – in front of their terrified companions. Many are skinned and dismembered while they’re still conscious. Fish are often mutilated or crushed as they suffocate to death.

The meat industry is horrifically cruel, violent and wasteful as well as highly destructive to the environment, while its products are bad for your health and 100 per cent unnecessary. In contrast, going vegetarian has endless benefits even beyond saving animals’ lives. From cutting the risk of developing cancerstrokes and heart disease to preventing further damage to the environment, removing meat from your diet is the smart choice.

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