The 12 Best PETA India Demonstrations of 2016

Posted on by PETA

As we move into the new year, here’s a roundup of some of our best street theatre–style demonstrations from 2016:

1. PETA’s giant “condoms” promoted the sterilisation of dogs for World Population Day.

2. In front of a “blood”-spattered backdrop, a PETA member hung from a meat hook between two skinned “carcasses”.

3. Actor Adah Sharma joined PETA in urging authorities to phase out cruel horse-drawn Victorias.

4. PETA Director Ingrid Newkirk was “chained” and “beaten” to urge the government to end the suffering of elephants in temples.

5. For National Pollution Prevention Day, two PETA and Rotaract Club Chandigarh Himalayan supporters painted to resemble the Earth urged passers-by to eat green by going vegan.

6. White “rabbits” with wounded eyes protested animal tests for World Day for Animals in Laboratories.

7. PETA’s “Lettuce Lady” urged Indore residents to go vegan for World Environment Day.

8. PETA supporters were caged to highlight the plight of chickens used for eggs for Vegetarian Awareness Month.

9. A horrific heap of “bloody” bodies lay on a Mumbai street to mark World Vegan Month.

10. PETA members and Lovely Professional University students body-painted like the Indian flag pushed for desi dog adoptions.

11. Giant running inflatable bulls and PETA supporters urged the government to keep cruel jallikattu banned.

12. Two PETA members dressed and painted like snakes urged passers-by to have a cruelty-free Nag Panchami.

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