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SC Says Cockfights, Dogfights Must End

Written by PETA

Posted 05-16-2014, 04:51 PM | 35 Comments

The official order of the Honourable Supreme Court of India – which passed a landmark judgment in favour of PETA India and the government advisory body the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) recently, stating that bulls must not be used in any type of performance, including races, bullfights and jallikattu – is now public and also makes clear that cockfighting, dogfighting and any other staged fights between animals, including between humans and animals, for entertainment must end. PETA was represented in court by leading counsel Raj Panjwani.

Injuries from Cockfights and Bullfights

Cockfighting takes place in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab and, Tamil Nadu and elsewhere, even though it is illegal under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, which states that it is illegal if anyone “treats any animal so as to subject it to unnecessary pain or suffering … or being the owner permits, any animal to be so treated” or if anyone “solely with a view to providing entertainment … organises, keeps[,] uses or acts in the management [of] any place for animal fighting”. Dogfighting takes place in Haryana and Punjab.

The Supreme Court order directs the AWBI and state governments to “take steps to prevent the infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering on the animals” and directs the AWBI to ensure that “the person-in-charge or care of the animal shall not incite any animal to fight against a human being or another animal”. It also says that governments and the AWBI must protect the “five freedoms” of animals: freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury and disease; freedom from fear and distress and freedom to express normal behaviour.

During cockfights, two birds are incited to fight. One of them may die during the event, and both are often critically injured. The birds may also have metal spurs or knives tied to their legs in order to injure the other bird.

In dogfights, two dogs are pitted against one another in a ring. Dogs are encouraged to fight to the death, and the fight can go on for hours – until both dogs are exhausted and at least one is seriously injured or dead.

You can help! If you hear of a cockfight or dogfight, immediately notify the police and a local animal-protection organisation and write to A directory of animal-protection organisations can be found here.



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  • Heawin

    Remplacez les coqs et les chiens par des humains si vous ne comprenez pas la gravité de la chose: dans les deux cas on a affaire à un être sensible qui ressent le plaisir, la douleur et la peur… Chaque individu doit donc recevoir le même traitement en terme de droits de liberté et non-maltraitance. Les animaux sont comme nous, ils ressentent des émotions donc on ne doit pas leur faire de mal, c’est pas compliqué… <3

  • Rio

    Cela doit cesser stopppppppppppp

  • Urmila

    Thank God finally more humane treatment for animals!!



  • Sangeeta

    Please have respect for life.

  • Deepali Chanan

    That is such a great news. Such cruelty must end. Happy to know that court is concerned about animals.

  • Sushant

    great work guys ….. wid u in this whole battle…!!

  • Beverly Dash

    The people who start and provoke such happenings should not exist on this planet. enough said. Humans the most dangerous cruel and vile species on planet earth. known only to destruction.

  • Eliza

    Disgusting. This is vile and these people should be punished. It’s absurd that these things are happening without consequence to the vindicators.

  • Kristine Julian

    Animal abuse needs to stop! The sick individuals who have a hand in these rings and the participating spectators need to be severely punished. It’s sick, inhumane and absolutely heartbreaking to see these poor pups injured and in pain. PETA never stop fighting and just keep pushing harder for bills to pass to stop fighting!!!!

  • Taylor Barbato

    Horrible , breaks my heart.

  • Emily

    Absolutely disgusting. These people deserve the death penalty.

  • Aparajita

    Is it seriously entertaining to see animals fight to the death? Seriously?!! :/

  • This people should be punished to the max

  • Acp00

    Put an end to this cruelty!

  • Sema Richards

    Please stop hurting animals

  • When will people realize animals have feelings ! Bit bulls feel even the people who train them don’t think so, has to stop someplace. More jail time would be nice !

  • It is our responsibility as humans to love and respect these innocent creatures that are only here to love and protect us. Why would anybody want something to harm or incur pain onto a animal that would truly die for them. The dedication and loyalty of these voiceless animals is more than us humans will ever have.

  • Deb Stetson

    This cruelty must stop! How painful and confusing this must be for these poor animals. :-(

  • Alicia

    Stop animal abuse!

  • Trudy Steel

    Stop using animals for your entertainment

  • Get it stopped plz


    pls stop all these cruelty to animals, they feel pain like we do!

  • Bella Bakcsy

    One word, SICK!

  • Desiree

    this should stop…

  • DEEPA Iyer

    How much more inhuman can human beings get !!!

  • Rosemarie Bindon

    ALL ANIMALS HAVE RIGHTS! Not to be ABUSED. TORTURED or MURDERED are just three of them. STOP this inhumane treatment of ANIMALS!

  • Julia

    these people should be treated like they treat the animals, because it’s totally inhumane way to share this planet with everyone. The people are just a tiny part of the nature and mustn’t behave like being kings!

  • Debra Dewey

    Stop this horrific cruelty now.

  • Hariram S.G.

    Amazing decision. Congrats AWBI and PETA India.

  • Bojan

    Equal rights for living creatures.

  • Kritika

    We say we belong to a democratic INDIA…whats the need of india being democratic when its citizens and animalsdo not have the right to live their life the way they want i.e a peaceful life,wid a bter relationshp with each other..these dogs and many animals are the beautiful part of our biodiversity…it realy pains when they had to suffer pain jst for an hour entertainment of humans…it might b entertainment for us..the cruel human! but they have to lose their life,their companion which cannot be tolerated…therefore,i request to stop such an act..they cannot speak out their pain so it shd b understud and pls stp tretng animals cruely…they are nt made for our entertainment and it shd b undrstud..and ythose ppl who treat animals cruely i wd request u to join PETA INDIA and feel the pain of animals and look what ur little act of cruelty is doing!!!

  • Vicky Shah

    This nonsense need to be stop by hook or crook.

  • Vikramaditya

    please stop this cruel and bad practice

  • Joanne

    this is act of cruelty no animal should have to go through this ; the people involved in this terrible thing should be strung up key through away and put in jail ; also they should be treated the same as a poor animal and treated the same faith and see how they liked it and be killed or injured ; what cruel and beyond hummane they are ;


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