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New Investigation Exposes Jallikattu Cruelty

Written by PETA

Posted 02-04-2014, 10:09 AM | 316 Comments

A new inspection of jallikattu events – which took place between 14 and 17 January in four districts in Tamil Nadu – conducted by a team that included investigators from PETA India and Animal Rahat and that was authorised by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has revealed once again that jallikattu is inherently cruel to animals and a threat to people. The investigation included inspections of seven jallikattu events that were held at Avaniapuram, Palamedu and Alanganallur in Madurai district; Periya Suriyur and Avarankadu in Tiruchirappalli district; Neikkarapatti in Dindigul district and Koolamedu in Salem district. PETA India has filed a petition with the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court stating that cruelty to bulls and injuries to people were commonplace during the recent jallikattu events and that the guidelines of the Supreme Court and the High Court about holding jallikattu – which state that bulls should not be harmed – were ignored. PETA India also points out, as per the complaints made by the AWBI-authorised inspectors, that police have registered 46 First Information Reports (FIR) against those who violated court guidelines and The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. The acts of cruelty to animals included the following:

  • Biting bulls’ tails

A bull’s tail was bitten in the vadi vasal in Avaniapuram on 14 January.

A bull was bitten in the vadi vasal in Periya Suriyur on 15 January.

  • Twisting bulls’ tails and breaking their tail vertebrae

This bull’s tail was yanked inside Avaniapuram’s vadi vasal on 14 January.

This bull’s tail was pulled in order to force the animal out of the vadi vasal in Periya Suriyur on 15 January.

This bull’s tail was pulled by a spectator in Periya Suriyur on 15 January.


This bull’s owner twisted his tail in order to force the reluctant animal to get back on his feet in Palamedu on 15 January.


This bull’s tail was savagely yanked in Avarankadu on 17 January.

  • Poking and jabbing bulls with sickles, spears, knives or sticks

This bull was poked with several sticks inside the vadi vasal in Periya Suriyur on 15 January.

Bulls such as this animal were poked in the face inside the vadi vasal in Periya Suriyur on 15 January.

This pocket knife was seized from a bull tamer in a waiting area in Avaniapuram on 14 January.

  • Beating bulls with bare hands

This man whacked his bull in the vadi vasal in Avaniapuram on 14 January.

  • Whipping bulls with nylon ropes

Bulls such as this one were whipped by owners inside the vadi vasal in Avaniapuram on 14 January.

  • Conducting unauthorised “parallel” jallikattu

A spectator pulled a bull’s tail in the inadequate collection area in Periya Suriyur on 15 January.

Spectators hit and punched bulls in the collection area in Avarankadu on 17 January.


Bulls ran amok on the streets of Avaniapuram on 14 January.

  • Forcing bulls to drink liquids that were likely liquor

A white-coloured liquid was forced down the throat of this bull in Alanganallur on 16 January.

These liquor bottles had been seized by Animal Husbandary Department (AHD) authorities in the waiting area in Avaniapuram on 14 January.

  • Yanking bulls by nose ropes and bleeding nostrils

Bulls, such as this one in Koolamedu on 17 January, suffered from bleeding nostrils because of savage yanking on nose ropes.

  • Ear cutting and mutilation

It’s high time that jallikattu is relegated to the history books.


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  • Anne Grice

    Despicable ignorant sickening cruelty beyond belief! These are the worst breed of disgusting humans who refused to evolve! The leaders in these states are no better to think this shocking suffering of animals is acceptable! Bloody minded psychopaths!

  • Seemantani

    whats wrong with these people? why cant they let the innocent animal live peacefully..

  • Kakoli Gupta

    Jallikattu should be stopped


    When will humanity evolve?!!!

  • Abhilash Wankhede

    We were gifted with the power of intelligence.
    We were given RESPONSIBILITY of the rest of the living beings.
    Just look what we did.

  • Glenn Jimson

    The local government doesn’t do anything because they are worried they may lose votes if they ban such rituals. Its a shame the Indian govt cares more about staying in power rather than prevent animal cruelty or improve living conditions for the general public

  • Anushka

    i wish to kill them….and torture……them in the same way……..atlast they r also like us they also gt hurt……….they should be killed…..y they torture like this i dnt understand………..i hate who torture animals……….if i shld be dere i shld slap them………

  • Jacqueline Gomes

    Stop hurting animals

  • Jacqueline

    Stop hurting animals.

  • Kailash Parikh Parikh

    This is sad and sick and must stop. When we are talking of China, South Korea and Maxico for the animal cruelty , our country is not behind of cruelty and abuse to the poor soul. Very shocking and disgusting practices. Feel shame that India is called a country of the God and so called human beings are religious and God Fearing

  • I condemn these barbaric acts on poor and helpless animals. You people are doing wonderful work by creating awareness n stopping cruelty to animals.
    I’m with u in ur pursuit.

  • Petitjean

    Cessez de faire souffrir inutilement !

  • Sunita Saptel

    stop this act off cruelty for human pleasure !!!! would love to do the same to the human and see how they feel and react

  • Cheryl Osborn

    Barbaric imbosyls leave the animals alone! How can so many people be so cruel and take part in this? Scum of the earth torturing animals! Hope you rot in hell!!!

  • Joxrobo

    Cruelty to all Animals must be banned. They are our equals in ever way and they are not here to do our dirty Jobs. Respect Life and all Living things even as small as an Ant are equal and remember they have families who will miss them in their own way.

  • Manu

    I knew men were bastards but treating animals like this for fun n sports its not acceptable. And they say it shows a mans …whatever this jallikattai

  • Sandra Laserer

    Shame!! Sadist!! Stop this Horror! Now!!

  • Nilou

    Ashamed to be Indian. India calls itself a Hindu peace loving country and how they are treating poor animals. Shame on you India

  • Amit Devraj

    Against animal cruelty

  • Avinanda Deb Mukherjee

    Please stop this cruelty immediately… please please please save this poor animals.. please God help them.

  • Priya



    A legal action must be taken against this activity. They are illiterate people…..they need education….some NGOs must come forward.

  • Pulkit Sharma


  • Gendrot Ulli

    shame on mankind! stop this cruelty!

  • Gendrot

    Stop this awfull cruelty! is mankind mad???

  • Elizabeth Girouard

    That is inhumane and cruel! It has to STOP!

  • Nivedita

    this is actual barbarism. Please ban such events n save those innocent animals

  • Nivedita

    this is actually barbarism. Please ban such events n spare these innocent animals.

  • Tonia Sodhi Kumar

    We dnt animals for entertainment. This is cruel

  • Samica Mehta

    I’m disgusted and I want this to stop immediately. Fuck human species.

  • Dita

    Pls stop this cruelty habits

  • Mini Augustine

    iI am in support of the cause of the poor Bulls. My wholehearted support I extend to the cause.

  • Irene Polchet

    This is barbaric. The animals are defencless.

  • Irene Polchet

    This is barbaric. The animals are defencless.

  • Ashish Thourani

    Stop This Torture.

  • Edwin Austis

    Stop animal cruelty

  • Kanta Gaikwad

    stop this cruelty immediately.

  • Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

    Please stop this brutal torture of bulls… Don’t hurt them for your own pleasure and greed.

  • David

    You evil bastards

  • Teertha Unni

    Festivals regarding any kind of abuse to animals should be stopped because in the earlier generations people used to abide by the rules and now it seems as if they are ruling the world by mending and bending the rules. People interpret their religion and festivals in such a manner, nowadays, that the younger or the future generation don’t even have a scope of living a peaceful life on earth. Please! These should be stopped as soon as possible and some strict action and rules should be formed! Such rules which on breaking people should be fined a huge amount!

  • Maya Pb

    whatever it takes, this horrible jallikattu should be banned..poor animals need freedom from this cruel people.

  • Nikhil Shirodkar

    Please keep the ban on this horror sport

  • Angélica Coutinho

    Como há pessoas tão más,que causam tanto sofrimento aos animais !!! Eles têm o direito de viver em paz,como todos os seres vivos e devem ser respeitados,pois não nasceram para serem maltratados e explorados pelos humanos! Quem maltrata assim qualquer animal,só pode ser covarde e sádico,porque os animais não se podem defender!!!

  • Ramesh Kalyanaraman

    Stop this cruelty. How can we do such things in today’s age. Barbaric.

  • Nikhil Shirodkar

    Please stop this horror sport

  • Nikhil Shirodkar

    Please continue with the ban of this cruel sport.

  • Lalita

    Disgusting!!!Ban it NOW!!!

  • Amanda Bouvier

    This absolute DIISGRACE MUST stop!!!

  • Souparnika

    Plz stop this

  • this is very disturbing and needs to stop. who gave these people the right to treat these animals in this manner.


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