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New Investigation Exposes Jallikattu Cruelty

Written by PETA

Posted 02-04-2014, 10:09 AM | 316 Comments

A new inspection of jallikattu events – which took place between 14 and 17 January in four districts in Tamil Nadu – conducted by a team that included investigators from PETA India and Animal Rahat and that was authorised by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has revealed once again that jallikattu is inherently cruel to animals and a threat to people. The investigation included inspections of seven jallikattu events that were held at Avaniapuram, Palamedu and Alanganallur in Madurai district; Periya Suriyur and Avarankadu in Tiruchirappalli district; Neikkarapatti in Dindigul district and Koolamedu in Salem district. PETA India has filed a petition with the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court stating that cruelty to bulls and injuries to people were commonplace during the recent jallikattu events and that the guidelines of the Supreme Court and the High Court about holding jallikattu – which state that bulls should not be harmed – were ignored. PETA India also points out, as per the complaints made by the AWBI-authorised inspectors, that police have registered 46 First Information Reports (FIR) against those who violated court guidelines and The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. The acts of cruelty to animals included the following:

  • Biting bulls’ tails

A bull’s tail was bitten in the vadi vasal in Avaniapuram on 14 January.

A bull was bitten in the vadi vasal in Periya Suriyur on 15 January.

  • Twisting bulls’ tails and breaking their tail vertebrae

This bull’s tail was yanked inside Avaniapuram’s vadi vasal on 14 January.

This bull’s tail was pulled in order to force the animal out of the vadi vasal in Periya Suriyur on 15 January.

This bull’s tail was pulled by a spectator in Periya Suriyur on 15 January.


This bull’s owner twisted his tail in order to force the reluctant animal to get back on his feet in Palamedu on 15 January.


This bull’s tail was savagely yanked in Avarankadu on 17 January.

  • Poking and jabbing bulls with sickles, spears, knives or sticks

This bull was poked with several sticks inside the vadi vasal in Periya Suriyur on 15 January.

Bulls such as this animal were poked in the face inside the vadi vasal in Periya Suriyur on 15 January.

This pocket knife was seized from a bull tamer in a waiting area in Avaniapuram on 14 January.

  • Beating bulls with bare hands

This man whacked his bull in the vadi vasal in Avaniapuram on 14 January.

  • Whipping bulls with nylon ropes

Bulls such as this one were whipped by owners inside the vadi vasal in Avaniapuram on 14 January.

  • Conducting unauthorised “parallel” jallikattu

A spectator pulled a bull’s tail in the inadequate collection area in Periya Suriyur on 15 January.

Spectators hit and punched bulls in the collection area in Avarankadu on 17 January.


Bulls ran amok on the streets of Avaniapuram on 14 January.

  • Forcing bulls to drink liquids that were likely liquor

A white-coloured liquid was forced down the throat of this bull in Alanganallur on 16 January.

These liquor bottles had been seized by Animal Husbandary Department (AHD) authorities in the waiting area in Avaniapuram on 14 January.

  • Yanking bulls by nose ropes and bleeding nostrils

Bulls, such as this one in Koolamedu on 17 January, suffered from bleeding nostrils because of savage yanking on nose ropes.

  • Ear cutting and mutilation

It’s high time that jallikattu is relegated to the history books.


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    This disgusts me…shame on all of you at this ‘event’.

  • Liene Almeida




  • Ruth Isabel Ambríz Díaz

    There is no need for such cruelty!

  • Noelle Pelillo


  • Shelly Chruscik

    This is mere madness! Makes me sick…to treat a creature, another being so harshly…the people need their ‘tails’ twisted and pulled to see how it feels!

  • Andrea De Lima

    parem a selvageria…

  • Sandra Alencar

    Que crueldade! Respeitem os animais!

  • Andressa Ciccone

    PLEASE, STOP IT!!!!!!!!

  • Jackie Baut

    shell finally humans leave the animals alone????

  • Judith Reynolds

    The atrocities done to the poor innocent bulls during the Jallikattu celebration are totally horrific and unacceptable! Please wake up from the dark ages and stop these festivities from including animal abuse and torture!

  • Malgorzata Kotnowska

    stop that cruelty

  • Alok Kumar Tiwari

    bharatiya sanskriti me sabhi animals ko sanrakshit aur sanwardith karne ke liye unko kisi n kisi devota ke roop me ya unki sawari ke roop se sambadh kiya gaya hai.

  • Alok Kumar Tiwari

    kisi bhi prani ke virudh wo karya mat karo jo tumhe khud pasand nahi ho.

  • Pauline Hodson

    I’ve always thought of India has a good religious compassionate country – UNTIL I’VE BEEN SEEING POSTS ON HERE – showing has cruel and savage and evil to their animals they can be. Shame on India for such cruelty. These animals are terrified – can’t you understand.

  • Cindy Stricklin

    This is extremely cruel and inhumane !!!! Please stop this now,,

  • Marleen Neus

    There is clear evidence now that people who take pleasure in harming animals are also a potential danger to other people, especially children.

  • Harvey

    This is absolutely barbaric, and just sick.

  • Sabine Glas

    stop it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shame on you !!!

  • Nubijay

    Basta de atrocidades.

  • Amanda Lewalski

    This is a horror and abomination of human behavior. If you really want to hurt something hurt each other…at least it will be willing participation with some hope of defense. This is sickening.

  • Gabriela Winkelmann

    Is a cruel for animals, , brutality..barbarian torture..disgusting..sick..shameful violence..stop this

  • Andrea Cortez Dos Santos

    É preciso acabar com essa ignorância. Muita maldade e crueldade.

  • Hetal Tank

    Absolutely absurd. This cruelty must end at once!

  • Debbs

    Sorry but the world is sick they are animals we meant to take care of them it’s so horrible .am ashamed to be part of the human race .

  • Jayne Marney

    Disgraceful,vicious, retards. They deserve the same treatment.

  • Eliza Howard

    PLEASE stop this its an abomination.

  • Stephanie Elisabeth Deiters

    Help to stop this cruelty!

  • Elaine Jung

    Srop all the jallikattu !

  • Cristina Cuesta

    Awful !!!!!!!!!

  • Lambotte

    Ces gens sont-ils cruels ou ignorants des douleurs qu’ils infligent aux animaux ? Il faut que ça cesse ! Et s’ils s’ennuient qu’ils jouent au foot !

  • Sharm

    These people are disrespectful, unfeeling, ignorant and cruel. This is barbaric and shocking behaviour displayed by these people, no animal deserves to be treated this way.



  • Wolfram Wehrmaker

    This shit nation, this shit kultur, I never spend any money to this humen!

  • Siv Preus

    How is it possible to be so cruel to animals without showing any emotion…no feelings at all!!! I cry….knowing there is nothing I can do to help this poor creature!!

  • Linda Rolf

    Cows are supposed to be sacred in India! What godless loophole is this? Jallikatu is disgusting, vile and just another opportunity for ignorant and heartless men to abuse and torture animals! Please do unto the torturers as they do unto the animals! Pain is pain, fear is fear and wrong is wrong whether you are a human or an animal! Do the right thing! End the torture and abuse of animals in India!

  • Debbie Harris

    Appalling cruelty! Totally unacceptable to treat these sentient beings in this way.

  • Anirban

    please put an end to this barbaric act

  • Nitesh

    Cruelty against these innocent animals should be stopped. We are humans and we all must have humanity inside us and treat them as if they are we among us. I have stopped buying leather products.

  • Clotilde Amado

    Isso é um absurdo!!!

  • Bishnupada

    They have all the rights to live in this world. Rather it is their world and we are the guest so, we must not treat them like this.
    All these should be stopped..

  • Tanya

    This cruelty needs to be stopped NOW!!!

  • Maria Saldanha

    Stop torturing animals


    stop cruel

  • Marion Friedl

    Please stop those monsters!!! That´s so cruel, and I love all animals, more than most of the humans!!! Besides that I´ve been Veggie for 29 years yet!

  • Elvira Herrmann

    Stop this cruelty immediately!!!!! Shame on you!!!

  • Judy Maxwell

    This is just horrible abuse. What is wrong with these brutal people!

  • Vida Fritz


  • Vida Fritz


  • Elke Krafczyk

    Indiens Männer sind inhuman, geschmacklos, primitiv und grausam. Sie vergewaltigen ihre Frauen und quälen Stiere und Rinder mit sardistischer Freude. Diese Leute sind abstossend. Pfui!!!!


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