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PETA Investigates Mumbai’s Victorias

Written by PETA

Posted 12-14-2012, 02:19 PM | 9 Comments

Right before the High Court of Bombay hearing for Mumbai’s horse-drawn carriages on 13 December 2012, PETA released the findings of its latest investigation of cruelty to horses used by the carriage industry in the city.

See some of the heart-rending photographs from PETA’s investigation, which show sick, injured, overworked and malnourished horses forced to live in atrociously filthy conditions.

An earlier court ruling suggested that horses found to be unfit should not be used for pulling carriages again until a veterinary officer determines that they are fit. As PETA points out, though, the stables are in decrepit condition, and forcing horses to work in the congested city, hauling loads on pavement, deteriorates their physical and mental health. The following are just a few of PETA’s findings:

  • Many horses were fitted with spiked bits, which cause their mouths to bleed. Horses were found with swollen lips and cuts in their mouths.
  • Stables were found with various problems, such as poor ventilation and no drainage. The accumulated garbage, faeces and urine served as breeding grounds for flies, germs and disease. Food was often thrown on top of the horses’ own faeces.
  • Most of the stables lacked any facility whatsoever for water, and horses weren’t given water between gruelling stints of pulling passengers. They are also starved while at work for up to 12 hours a day, even though their digestive systems require continuous feed intake in small quantities.
  • Fatigued, overloaded horses were routinely whipped to make them move faster. Many drivers cover up the wounds using lime mortar, which acts as an irritant.
  • Many horses’ joints were so sore or swollen that they continually lifted their legs off the ground in order to rest them.
  • Most of the horses were found with drooping heads, a sign of severe depression.
  • Drivers readily permit the overloading of their carriages.

Join the campaign and call for a ban on cruel horse-drawn carriages in Mumbai.

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  • Lisa Allen

    Good work Peta for speaking up for these poor horses it s barbaric that we use these stunning animals for money making schemes, find another source of income India rather than abusing these horses.

  • Brenda Taylor

    I find it hard to read about this horror of a life these horses live through without tears welling up in my eyes .I had two horses when I was younger and could never get over how loving loyal and clever they were. So very happy that things will change for the better for these brutalized horses.

  • Dominique Leclerc

    those poor horses desevr RESPECT THESE ARE BARBARIC PEOPLE who do that whithout beeing punish .Being poor ,does’not allow you to treat any animal this way , shame on India

  • Devidas

    Need to save Horses from this cruelty

  • Jeannette

    Its about time the goverment stopped this happening,those who have these poor overworked horses need to be punished.Anyone found to inflicting such crulity should be punished.To starve, maim and treat these gentle giants with such contempt is barbaric.They deserve better.I speak for those who can not speak,,Do something before its too late!!!

  • Saurabh Bhardwaj

    Save horses from this cruelty

  • Friemann

    STOPP IT!!!!

  • Cherry

    please, for gods sake, free these animals, they cant speak for themselves ..why are people in this world so cruel???

  • Dr.Jagdish Mittal

    Created an example for other animals working for human use


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