1. A contest for your brand on the popular PETA India website offering at least three vegan products provided by you as contest prizes. (In cases in which an item has a substantial value, only one contest prize may be considered sufficient.) The contest would be promoted on PETA India’s social media pages and shared with our e-news subscribers. News of your brand would reach over 2 million people.
  2. Discounts or offers with specific PETA India coupon codes or discounts for PETA India supporters on vegan goods can be cross-promoted on PETA India’s Instagram and X accounts. (PETA India’s followers include celebrities, government officials, and other notable individuals.)
  3. Possible inclusion and mention of your company’s vegan product(s) in a blog post(s) on PETA India’s website along with the promotion of the blog(s) on social media.
  4. Possible inclusion of your company’s vegan product(s), provided by you, in gift hampers or gift bags given to celebrities, influencers, media persons, and/or PETA India supporters.

If the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo sounds like a great fit for your business, you can apply here. Please note the


INR Fee Structure

Annual Revenue (INR) Annual Certification Fee (INR)
Up to 10,00,000 3,500
10,00,001 to 40,00,000 7,500
40,00,001 to 80,00,000 15,000
80,00,001 to 1,50,00,000 23,000
1,50,00,001 to 2,30,00,000 30,000
2,30,00,001 to 3,80,00,000 45,000
3,80,00,001 to 7,60,00,000 76,000
7,60,00,001 to 76,00,00,000 190,000
76,00,00,001+ 230,000