Zarine Khan Is A Real ‘Veer’ For Animals

For Immediate Release:

9 May 2010



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Mumbai — Zarine Khan won the hearts of millions with her acting debut in the film Veer, and now she has won accolades from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India. The animal rights group has conferred its Hero to Animals Award on Khan for rescuing a badly malnourished cat. Not only did the actor scoop the cat up from the streets, rush her to a veterinary hospital and pay her daily visits to check on her progress, Khan also walked barefoot to Mahim Dargah to pray for the cat’s recovery. Khan named the cat Softy and opened her home to the animal, ending Softy’s street life. PETA urges everyone to follow in Khan’s footsteps by helping animals who are at the mercy of traffic or cruel people.


“The rescue of Softy shows that Khan’s beauty is much more than skin deep”, says PETA campaign coordinator Madhuri Deshmukh. “We hope that her compassionate action will inspire others to always stop and render aid when they see an animal in distress and to adopt cats and dogs, not buy them.”


PETA’s “Proud to Be Indian” campaign encourages people to rescue animals from the streets or adopt them from animal shelters. When people buy or breed animals, more cats and dogs are brought into the world while homeless animals languish in animal shelters and on the streets because there aren’t enough good homes for them. As a result of generations of inbreeding and selective breeding for distorted physical features, pedigree dogs often suffer from a range of health problems such as difficulty breathing and frail hips. Animals who are abandoned and left to fend for themselves on the streets are often subjected to cruelty and suffer from starvation, disease and injuries. If one in 10 families were to follow Khan’s example and adopt a homeless Indian cat or dog, there would soon be no animals suffering on the streets. Rescued dogs and cats make intelligent, healthy, devoted and grateful companions.


PETA reminds people that it is important to treat cats and dogs as members of the family and to take animals to a veterinarian immediately if they are injured or seem sick or depressed.


Khan will receive a framed certificate from PETA (a copy is available on request)


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