PETA Relaunches Ssssexy Snake Ad Featuring Royal Wedding Dancers Sandip Soparrkar and Jesse

For Immediate Release:
21 April 2011

Benazir Suraiya; [email protected]
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Sandip and Jesse Join Hands With PETA to Urge Locals and Tourists to Stay Away From Snake Shows

Mumbai – Just in time for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India is re-launching the sssssexy ad featuring dancer Sandip Soparrkar and his supermodel wife, Jesse Randhawa. The ad reads, “Snakes Are Not Natural Performers – We Are. Boycott All Snake Shows”. The stars are all set to perform at the royal reception of the royal couple taking place on April 29. In the photo taken by ace photographer Ashok Salian, Jesse is transformed into a “snake” in a form-fitting bodysuit designed by Gavin Miguel, while Sandip “charms” her with a flute.

Jesse Randhawa is hot on the fashion circuit and a renowned ramp walker, and Sandip Soparrkar has taught sexy dance moves to Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. They agreed to pose for this campaign to save snakes from the abuse of snake charmers. This dynamic duo wanted to use the opportunity to illustrate the difference between performing by choice and performing by force.

Snakes are trapped and taken from their natural habitats. Their teeth are yanked out without any painkillers, their mouths are often sewn shut (leaving a little gap to pour water or milk down), and their venom ducts are often pierced with a hot needle, causing the glands to burst and incapacitating this animals’ most effective defense mechanism. None of the snakes lives very long, and death comes slowly and painfully. Snakes in nature would never drink cow’s milk, and being forced to consume it harms the snakes.

The “dance” these snakes perform is actually a terrified reactive sway to the snake charmer’s movements—as a means of self-defense from “attack” by the pipe. Snake charming is so violent, in fact, that the Indian Wildlife Act of 1972 actually banned it. But snake charmers show their disregard for the law and these animals by continuing their cruel ways.

Snakes have long been revered by Hindus, and serpents have been associated with many gods. But snakes are now cruelly treated and forced to “dance” to draw in tourists and locals who are not yet informed of how the snakes suffer.

“Celebrations can do without forcing snakes to perform and cramming them in baskets”, says renowned dancer Sandip Soparrkar “Snakes belong to the jungle, set them free.”

“Performance should be by choice, not by force”, adds actor and supermodel Jesse Randhawa. “Snakes may not scream, but they suffer to entertain us – hear their pain.”

“Snakes are revered in our society and should be treated as royalty. Using snakes in roadside shows is simply cruel and disrespectful”, says PETA India’s Chief Functionary, Poorva Joshipura. “Festival attendees and tourists can celebrate and enjoy themselves without torturing snakes.”

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