PETA Calls for Expulsion of Dog-Abusing Medical Students

Posted on by PETA

Recent news reports state that medical students who were arrested for throwing a puppy off a rooftop were suspended by their medical college and are out on bail.

PETA has sent a letter to the college calling for the permanent expulsion of the students. We have also urged the police to apply Section 429 of the Indian Penal Code, stipulating a punishment for abusing animals of imprisonment, which may extend to five years, or a fine or both.

Poorva Joshipura, CEO of PETA India, says, “The individuals involved should cause everyone to be concerned, because a lack of empathy and a desire to exert power over the helpless invariably manifest themselves in other antisocial ways, including further violent crimes. The students should be expelled – no one who shows such a shocking lack of regard for life should be allowed to practice medicine”.

The dog, previously thought to be dead, has also been found alive.

You Can Help

Politely urge Madha Medical College to expel the students involved in throwing the dog from the roof by writing to [email protected].