Neha Dhupia’s Lovely Leafy PETA Ad

Posted on by PETA

Neha Dhupia is living proof that radishes make you ravishing and broccoli equals beauty. And she’s showing off her vegetarian va-va-voom in a new PETA ad that’s as lovely as it is leafy. The stunning ad was shot by ace photographer Vishesh Verma. Hair and make-up were done by Reema Sablok, and the gown was conceptualised and created by Little Shilpa.

The Bollywood beauty has been lighting up the screen in hits such as Phas Gaya Re Obama, Paying Guests, Action Replayy, De Dana Dan and Pappu Can’t Dance Saala. Long days on the set require plenty of energy, so Neha fills her plate with plants, which give her vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein without the saturated fats and extra calories that are found in meat and which might slow her down.

And just in time for World Environment Day, she’s showing her fans how they can get a little more pep in their step and help protect the Earth at the same time by ditching meat.

A “vegetarian diet benefits you in so many ways”, she says. “Everybody wants to look fit and wonderful. And they want their hair to glow and their skin to glow, and going vegetarian is the only answer.”

Since the meat industry is responsible for massive amounts of greenhouse-gas emissions and the suffering of billions of animals every year and because eating meat has been linked to many serious diseases, going vegetarian is a winning idea.

Ready to be a winner? Take our Pledge to Go Veg today.

Happy World Environment Day from Neha and PETA!