Kareena Kapoor’s Beauty Secret

Posted on by PETA

kareena.jpg“Bollywood starlet and hazel eyed Kareena Kapoor is looking fab in the promos for her soon to be released movie Tashan. Kareena, who was petaDishoom’s 2007 Cutest Vegetarian winner, has lost oodles of weight to get a lean and sexy look. Are you wondering how she managed that? Her secret is simple: she’s been eating her veggies and following a strict exercise regime of yoga. Kareena is proof that having a vegetarian diet can lead to the perfect and healthy body. The stunning actress proved that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside when she said, “I feel good that I am not killing any animals these days”. So all you Kareena fans, if you want a fab body too, trying going vegetarian! It’s good for your health and your beauty. Head over to our Foodie section to find out about all the amazing food that’s vegetarian. And don’t forget to sign up for the petaDishoom e-news so that you can stay in the loop on the latest celeb and animal rights newsPhoto courtesy: www.santabanta.com