It’s Impossible to Resist This Face. Adopt Jimmy!

Posted on by PETA

Meet Jimmy!

Jimmy rescued dog photo

At first, life for this young, handsome dog was scary and lonely. Without a home or family to care for him, Jimmy – who is only about 8 months old – had no choice but to roam city streets in search of food while dodging speeding vehicles and cruel humans. His only shelter from the scorching sun, monsoon rains, and winter cold was hiding under debris. But one day, Jimmy’s luck changed.

PETA India staffer Harshil and her mother were walking in Sector 56 of Noida when they spotted this dashing boy aimlessly wandering around. Without skipping a beat, the mother and daughter brought him home for the night and gave him lots of care, food, and water as well as a safe, comfortable place to sleep. This sweet boy made such an impression on his rescuers that Harshil’s mother named him “Jimmy” in loving memory of one of her companion dogs.

Jimmy loves being scratched behind his ears, playing with his toys, and going for long walks in green spaces. He hates being alone, and he always seeks the company of a loving person. Now that this friendly sub-adult German shepherd has a spiffy new name, he needs a loving, permanent home!

If you or someone in your life is ready for the lifelong responsibility of welcoming a companion dog into the family, Jimmy is up for immediate adoption from PETA India’s office in Delhi. PETA India will cover the costs for his first vaccination, sterilisation, and the entire treatment for a mild, curable skin infection. We’re also willing to transport him within driving distance or a one-day train ride from Delhi at our expense.

Adopting community dogs from the streets or shelters saves animals’ lives, but buying companion animals from breeders or pet shops worsens the overpopulation crisis and homelessness. That’s because every time someone buys a purposely bred dog, a dog roaming the streets or waiting in a shelter loses his or her chance at finding a happy and healthy permanent home.

Rescued dogs know how lucky they are to have a home, and they’ll spend their lives repaying their guardians for it. If you’re able to offer all the care, attention, and affection that Jimmy needs, please e-mail [email protected] today.