Are You Looking for a Feline Friend?

Posted on by PETA

As long as compassionate humans are around, hope will never die. This cute kitten named Bijal was rescued by our Emergency Response Team after we were contacted by a good Samaritan who had discovered that she was stuck in the engine of a car. One-year-old Bijal is a playful female cat with a beautiful olive coat who loves human contact. She is sterilised, vaccinated, and ready to become part of a loving family.

If you reside in Maharashtra or nearby states and have the time, energy, and dedication to take Bijal  home, you’ll have a purrfect companion. 

To adopt this loving cat, please e-mail [email protected] and PETA India will bear the cost of transportation within Maharashtra or driving distance or a one-day train ride from Mumbai at our expense.


Across India, community animals struggle to survive on the streets. Many starve to death or are injured, abused, or hit by vehicles. Countless others are left to languish in animal shelters because there aren’t enough good homes for them. Sterilising one female dog can prevent 67,000 births in six years, and sterilising one female cat can prevent 370,000 births in seven years. Sterilisation helps keep animals off the streets and out of shelters, and sterilised animals live longer, healthier lives and are less likely to roam, fight, or bite.

Recently, in a critical move to help curb the homeless-animal crisis, PETA India sterilised more than 750 community cats in areas of Mumbai, which has extensive homeless-cat populations, through our programme in collaboration with The Feline Foundation. The cats also received vaccinations, treatment for injuries, and proof-of-sterilisation ear tags before being released back into their territories. PETA India encourages the public to adopt animals from a shelter or the streets and always to have their dogs and cats sterilised.

Countless animals in need of love, kindness, and shelter are living on the streets of India. You can help them by offering one of them a wonderful home – pledge to adopt, not shop.

Pledge to adopt, not shop!