Adopt PETA India’s Rescued Pup and Give Her a New Life!

Posted on by Sudhakarrao Karnal

Following her rescue by PETA India in Mumbai, this lively pup is ready to begin the next chapter of her life.

PETA India spotted a puppy hiding under a truck on a highway in Jogeshwari, Mumbai. Her mother was not around, and she was in the middle of traffic, where there was a high chance that she would be run over by a vehicle. PETA India’s Emergency Rescue Team rushed to the site to rescue the puppy and brought her under its care, away from the dangers of the busy highway.

The female pup is very playful and energetic. This 1.5-month-old pup with a black coat has been dewormed, and her initial vaccination has been done. PETA India would bear the cost of her sterilisation when she reaches the age for it. The pup is healthy, happy, and ready to be adopted.

If you have the time, patience, and resources to give her the care, attention, and affection she deserves, we want to hear from you! Please contact us at [email protected] or on 7045922026. PETA India is willing to transport the puppy to a location within driving distance or a one-day train ride from Mumbai at our expense.

Rescued dogs know how lucky they are to have a home, and they’ll spend their lives repaying their guardians for it. Please remember – there are countless cats and dogs who deserve happy, loving homes. Always adopt – don’t shop.

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