5 Easy and Effective Ways to Help on ‘India Unites for Animals’ Day

Posted on by PETA

On 18 September, animal advocates in 68 cities across the country and around the globe will stand together for the rights of animals to live with dignity and without fear as we celebrate “India Unites for Animals” Day.

See the event’s Facebook page for peaceful protests near you, and consider doing at least five things to help India unite for animals, each of which will take one minute or less:

  1. Pledge to go vegan. This can help save many animals’ lives every year.


  1. Ask Prime Minister Narendra to take a definitive stance against cruelty to animals by strengthening animal-protection laws and ensuring that abusers are jailed and fined.



  1. Pledge to be leather-free. The throats of Indian cows and buffaloes killed for their skin are typically cut while the animals are still conscious. Supple vegan leather is durable, affordable, and, of course, cruelty-free.



  1. Air India reneged on its promise not to ship animals to laboratories in order to be experimented on. Tell the airline that you won’t fly with it while it’s supporting horrible experiments on animals.



  1. Elephants and other animals used in circuses are routinely beaten to force them to perform. Ask officials to ban the use of animals in circuses now.

Ban Animal Circuses


Think of how many people we can reach and how many animals we can save from suffering in a single day, as India unites for animals.