Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

Position Objective:

To manage incoming calls and the front desk of PETA India, handle the general e-mail account, provide basic guidance on certain animal emergencies, coordinate general responses to non-member hard copy letters – ensuring quality, helpful, and accurate responses to PETA India members and the general public – and handle other administrative work, all in a professional manner

Term of Employment:




Reports To:

Manager of Administration and Systems

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Manage the PETA India reception in a professional manner, including the following duties:
    • Maintain a neat, clean, and approachable office front desk
    • Be the friendly first point of contact for external vendors or other guests visiting the office premises
    • Offer guests staying for longer than a few minutes a drink of water, tea, or coffee or other vegan refreshments
    • Maintain a register of guests visiting the office and ensure adherence to security procedures
    • Answer incoming calls on the office landline, forward calls to other staff where necessary, and maintain a call record of the same
    • Ensure phone calls and queries are answered professionally and efficiently and as per the standard operating procedure (SOP)
    • Update the SOP as required and run changes by your supervisor for approval
    • Check the office voicemail every hour in case of animal emergencies and pass on calls to the concerned staff member or reply to them yourself where appropriate
    • Receive couriers on behalf of staffers and ensure their internal delivery
    • Maintain a diary for incoming and outgoing couriers and ensure the registers are updated
    • Maintain an understanding and helpful attitude
  • Handle administrative work in a professional manner, including the following duties:
    • Ensure staffers sign the attendance register for their in and out time
    • Update the Mumbai office attendance sheet on a daily basis
    • Ensure Mumbai staff attendance and whereabouts are accurately reflected on the shared calendar on a daily basis
    • Support your supervisor in checking and maintaining a database of staff equipment on a monthly basis and any other IT-related support
    • Coordinate and negotiate with vendors as needed
    • Maintain a neat database of contacts pertinent to the Administration department of PETA India
    • Help other departments keep databases updated as needed
    • Assist with other staff projects or provide cover in times of absence, as needed
  • Manage the PETA India information account in a professional manner, including the following duties:
    • Forward or respond to all e-mails on the general PETA India information account in a timely manner using form responses and as per the SOP
    • Pass on to the relevant staff member or respond to all hard copy letters from non-members in a timely manner using form responses and as per the SOP
    • Ensure form responses are kept up to date by proactively keeping updated on campaign topics via the blog and news release sections of the PETA India website and routing any changes by the concerned staff members
    • Guide callers on basic animal emergency and cruelty case queries per the SOP, passing cases on to the relevant teams as needed
    • Perform administrative tasks as required in order to support various departments
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor


  • Graduate in any discipline
  • Prior related experience preferred
  • Proven exceptional verbal communication skills in English and Hindi
  • Proven exceptional written skills in English and preferably also in Hindi
  • Professional and neat attire and appearance
  • Helpful, friendly, and approachable attitude
  • Knowledge of animal rights issues and PETA India campaigns
  • Excellent time management, multi-tasking, and organisational skills
  • Adherence to a vegan lifestyle
  • Commitment to the objectives of the organisation

How to Apply

To apply for a position with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India, please complete this form.