Researcher and Evidence Analyst

Position Objectives:

  • To conduct in-depth research to lay the groundwork for PETA India’s investigations into facilities where animals are abused
  • To use knowledge of the law and be organised and meticulous in analysing and compiling evidence gathered during investigations
  • To draft legal complaints and public education material, including in-depth reports
  • To work with members of the Audio-Visual Department in creating videos and photo libraries of evidence

Reports To:


Term of Employment:




Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Conduct research to establish the groundwork for investigations using a variety of means, including reviewing scientific journals, books, government websites, and other documents; holding meetings; and calling stakeholders
  • Conduct research for ongoing investigations, as needed for support purposes
  • Take ownership and work multiple facets of ongoing and completed investigations, including by doing the following:
  • Review, log, transcribe, organise, and save all forms of evidence collected by investigators and identify and propose avenues of pursuing violations and other potential items of interest
  • Independently assess evidence for violations of laws and regulations and draft detailed complaints to send to various agencies and authorities
  • Coordinate and lead internal and external meetings, including with public officials and legal counsel, related to the public release of investigations
  • Prepare information for use by lawyers and in court when necessary in the required format
  • Perform a variety of writing, research, and administrative tasks in preparation for the public release of investigations
  • Maintain strict confidentiality at all times
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor


  • Degree in a related field and a minimum of three years of relevant experience
  • Thorough knowledge of animal rights issues and PETA India campaigns
  • Demonstrated ability to transcribe audio recordings and accurately describe contents of video recordings
  • Proven excellent attention to detail and analytical and editing skills
  • Proven ability to conduct in-depth legal and other kinds of research
  • Proven exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to make sound, independent judgments
  • Proven excellent organisational skills and the ability to handle several issues simultaneously
  • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality at all times
  • Professional appearance and adherence to a healthy vegan lifestyle
  • Willingness and ability to travel
  • Support for PETA India’s philosophy and the ability to advocate professionally for PETA India’s position on issues
  • Commitment to the objectives of the organisation

How to Apply

To apply for a position with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India, please send your cover letter and CV here.