PETA Pressure Prompts Cancellation of Cruel Gadarwara Bull Race

Group Calls Off Plans to  Protest Against Event

For Immediate Release:
9 March, 2011

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Kriti Sachdeva +9122 40727382; [email protected]

Gadrvara, Madhya Pradesh – When People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India learned that a bullcart race was scheduled to take place today in Gram KhairiPaali, District Gadrvara, PETA jumped into action and called on district officials to stop the cruel – and illegal – spectacle. When Subdivisional Magistrate Mr. A.S. Kujur learned from PETA that bulls in such races are commonly beaten with sticks, which oftentimes have nails protruding from them, the event was canceled.

A letter was also faxed to PETA guaranteeing that any future bull races in the area would be banned. As a result of this, PETA called off their planned protest.

The cruel ”sport” is a clear violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, which expressly prohibits the beating of animals. 

“There is no room in today’s society for races that involve beating bulls with sticks and stabbing them with nails”, says PETA India’s Kriti Sachdeva. “Bulls already have a hard enough life. We commend the Sub Divisional Magistrate for placing the law and common decency above animal cruelty and greed that drive these spectacles.” 

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