PETA Pressure Prompts Cancellation Of Cruel Bull Race

For Immediate Release:
16 June 2010

Dharmesh Solanki (0) 98212 15661; [email protected]

Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh – When People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India learned that a bull race was scheduled to take place on 13 June in Gram Ratanpur Khurd, Thana Himpur Dipa, District Bijnor, PETA sent an urgent letter to Bijnor Superintendent of Police Raj Kumar asking him to stop the cruel – and illegal – event. In the letter, PETA pointed out that during bull races, the animals are commonly beaten with sticks, which often have nails protruding from them. The cruel practice is a clear violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, which expressly prohibits the beating of animals. Thanks to Superintendent Kumar’s quick response, the race has been cancelled.

“There is no room in today’s society for races that involve beating bulls with sticks and stabbing them with nails”, says PETA India’s chief functionary, Poorva Joshipura. “Bulls already have a hard enough life. We commend Superintendent Kumar and the Bijnor police for placing the law and common decency above the cruelty and greed that drive these spectacles.” 

PETA’s letter to Bijnor Superintendent of Police Raj Kumar is available upon request.

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