Berlusconi Stars in PETA Germany Sex Ad

Billboard Featuring Embattled PM Sends Message: DeSex Your Animal Companion

For Immediate Release:
25 February 2011

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Gerlingen – Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is the star of a new ad by animal rights organisation PETA Germany. In the ad, the politician, who has recently been criticised for his sexual exploits, is depicted under the slogan “Too Much Sex Can Be a Bad Thing … for dogs and cats too. There are so many homeless animals – please spay or neuter!” Last year, PETA US used a picture of golfer Tiger Woods, albeit involuntarily, who had made headlines because of his extramarital promiscuity, to advertise the same message of desexing dogs and cats for their own good. PETA Germany hopes that Berlusconi will use the ad to improve his reputation.

“This ad is vital to get the problems of sex for dogs and cats in the news”, says PETA Germany campaigner Nadja Kutscher. “Telling people to spay or neuter their animals will prevent animal suffering by helping to keep the current overpopulation crisis from getting worse. Numerous animals are forced to live in animal shelters or on the streets. We don’t need even more animals to be born.”

Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are roaming the streets or waiting for a new home in animal shelters across Italy while adoption figures are low. At the same time, irresponsible breeders and dealers continue to sell puppies, killing shelter dogs’ chances of adoption. Similarly in India, millions of dogs and cats are left to fend for themselves on the streets are often subjected to abuse by cruel people or succumb to hunger, disease or injuries. PETA India warns buying an animal from a pet store or breeder robs a homeless animal in a shelter or on the streets of his or her chance at finding a good home.