Up and Above: Trendy Hot Spots

Summer is finally here! It is time to say goodbye to exams and school and say hello to some serious chilling out. For a cool summer, we highly recommend that you catch up with your best buds and check out the local hotties at these fun and animal-friendly hot spots:

  • Costa Coffee: One of the many “perks” of this coffee house is the fact that its dizzying array of coffees can be turned vegan for only 20 rupees. Just substitute soya milk for the “moo” juice in an English toffee cappuccino or chocolaty mocha. Delicious and refreshing (especially when used in Costa Coffee’s minty Coffee Mojito), soya milk contains much less fat than traditional milk and is great for those of you who are striving for a perfect Bollywood hard body! Since humans cannot live on coffee alone, you should be sure to order one of Costa Coffee’s oh-so-awesome orange brownies. This tasty, tangy twist on the traditional brownie is 100 per cent cruelty-free and 100 per cent yummy!
  • Café Coffee Day: Take your taste buds on a trip to Ireland with Café Coffee Day’s completely vegan, completely green “Irish coffee”. If you are looking to cool down, try the Lemon Demon or strawberry-flavoured iced tea. For an even sweeter treat, don’t miss Café Coffee Day’s popular vegan shake topped with vegan whipped cream. A perfect way to beat the heat, the Arctic Blast is guaranteed to refresh and revive you after a hard day of shopping.
  • Subway: Fresh veggies loaded onto freshly baked wheat bread (with tangy chilli sauce, spicy mustard and must-have mint sauce) coupled with lemon iced tea make for an extra-delicious, extra-healthy meal.
  • Barista: With so many mouth-watering animal-friendly selections available at Barista, we don’t know where to begin! For great eats that will help you look your best in that tiny swimsuit, the Slimmers Veg Sandwich cannot be beat. For a cool treat, grab a flavoured iced tea or a Sparkle soda. Oh, and don’t forget dessert! Barista’s signature sugar doughnuts and blueberry tarts (both vegan) are perfect for all you sweet-toothed animal lovers out there.
    • Watch this space – we will keep adding to this list!