Do It Yourself

Want to cook amazing food for that special someone in your life? Or do you want to prove once and for all to friends and family that vegan food is not made of leaves and twigs? We’ve got all kinds of recipes – no-brainer, some-thought-required and chef-wannabe – to make their mouths water. Just remember to choose only vegan ingredients.


If you must eat this very second, we have good news for you. You can throw this food together easily and quickly so that dinnertime does not interfere with your life any longer than necessary!

Yes, Ma, it is possible for me to eat cake. Yes, Pa, I still have a sweet tooth. Yes, I’m vegan, but I’m human too! Of course I like chocolate! Veganising food is easy.

Real Food 
If you have the patience to remain standing in the kitchen longer than it takes to eat a bag of chips, then you just may be qualified to cook up real food. And please send some to us, because we are so not there yet!