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Lara Dutta: ‘Let Vegetarianism Grow on You’

The gorgeous and talented Lara Dutta has earned a degree in economics from Mumbai University, reigned as a former Miss Universe and launched a successful career as an actor, starring in such films as Blue, Housefull and Andaaz, for which she won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. How does she find the energy to accomplish so much? By choosing a vegetarian diet, of course!

Why is leaving meat off your plate such a recipe for achievement? Vegetarian foods are naturally low in fat and cholesterol but high in nutrients, so you will never be weighed down when you need to be on the go. And because vegetarian diets work well for long-term weight loss, it’s no surprise that vegetarians are generally leaner and trimmer than meat-eaters. Going vegetarian also reduces your risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

“Even seemingly small choices can have a big impact on our health, our community and the world around us”, Lara says. “Going vegetarian is one of the easiest ways to improve our health, help countless animals and protect the Earth.”

On today’s farms, chickens and other animals are forced to live in filthy conditions while confined to extremely crowded cages or sheds, often unable to turn around or even take a single step in any direction. Cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats are often crammed onto vehicles in such high numbers on their way to slaughter that their bones break or they die en route. Fish die as a result of slow, painful suffocation or mutilation.

Billions of these living, breathing, thinking, feeling beings – whose senses are so similar to ours – suffer and die just so that we can eat meat. Ready to follow Lara’s advice and “let vegetarianism grow on you”? Why not take the pledge to go vegetarian?

Pledge to Go Veg

I do not want to support cruelty to chickens, cows, pigs, sheep, fish or other animals who are raised and killed for food. I pledge to go vegetarian.

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  • Leinad

    love these, lara! BUT I have to call foul on the at 5’4 tall statement I am a sdigme taller than you!Natalie, you are lovely, and I love how Lara captured your beautiful, playful smile

  • Niraj Shah

    Keep up the good work, Lara

  • Elizabeth

    This ad is GORGEOUS! Well done!