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Join the ‘Delhi Safari’ With PETA

Yuvi, Bajrangi, Alex, Begum, Bagga and their team of animal friends will soon be storming India’s capital to try to save their home. Delhi Safari is an upcoming animated movie directed by PETA’s friend, top Bollywood director Nikhil Advani, and produced by the 3-D animation aces of Krayon Pictures. Some of Bollywood’s brightest stars – including Govinda, Akshaye Khanna, Sunil Shetty, Boman Irani, Urmila Matondkar and Swini Khara – supply the voices and help make the characters come alive.

Delhi Safari is the story of the journey of animals who live in a national park in Mumbai. They are working toward saving their home from humans who want to build an apartment complex. This funny, heart-warming film is sure to inspire and entertain the whole family. Where else will you find a monkey with a Bhojpuri accent who is loaded with weapons, a know-it-all bear and a celebrity parrot who lives in a plush apartment in Mumbai? And don’t forget about Yuvi – the cutest cub ever! Will these unlikely friends be able to reach the prime minister in time to save their home?

When you go to see the film, don’t be surprised if you hear some hooting and whistles from Govinda fans when Bajrangi, the monkey, says, “Goli maar kar bheja nikaal lenge tora, wo bhi pura ka pura.” A flamingo dance sequence with a Rajasthani folk music flavour will make you want to do some latkes and jhatkas yourself.



After watching this trailer, we know that you’ll be eager to book tickets for your family, but there’s still a little time before Delhi Safari hits theatres on 19 October. Don’t forget to watch out for the text to appear on screen about PETA.

You Can Help

Help animals keep their natural homes. Click here to send a message to the Prime Minister of India asking for animals’ forest homes to be saved.



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  • Aditi

    Do you have any office in Delhi?

  • help these innocent animals…plzz

  • Mansi

    I want to know if your peta organization is in Delhi NCR?!!

    • PETA

      Please call on 91-22-4072 7382 for details. Thanks!

  • Pooja

    Awesome :)

  • Sugandha Yadav

    if we being the normal citizens of India can take our time and lend our helping hands to serve for these voiceless animals then you who is having the power to even convert things into actions can surely do something achievable. Please ban animals from circuses and these zoo. Ensure no more cutting trees and destroying their habitat. You are there not only for humans but for them too.

  • Astha Maloo

    Everyone needs to pitch in and help these poor animals out. Help them as much has you can. Whatever you can do. Maybe get a stray dog spayed or neutered by a local vet. Even donating really helps these organizations stay active and help these animals. If you want to get a pet, adopt them rather than buying one from a breeder. If not anything, atleast go out and plant a tree!

  • Aleksandra

    If they had not killed off so many wolfs and moiatnun loins there would not be this problem. Nature can take care of it self if we leave it alone. It sounds cruel but nature needs to take its coarse. If they had left it alone in 1999 there would not be a problem now. The weak would have died and what was Left would make the population stronger. For somethings to live somethings must died

  • Manoj Kumar

    I want to know your peta organization in Delhi near by South Ex- New Delhi-110023

  • Aryan Rao

    I love peta

  • Rakshit Bharadwaj

    We are not just on the path to destroy ourselves but to our surroundings also. Humans have always tried to make life as simple as possible, and for the sake of this thing we have underestimated everyone’s importance. Since ages, we are hunting animals, cutting trees etc just for entertainment or food. ARE WE LEFT WITH NO OTHER OPTION FOR FOOD OR ENTERTAINMENT ???
    Mother nature is trying its best to balance the damage we are doing to this planet. But how far will she be able to help us ?

  • Anurag Gulati

    This is indeed a very serious Global issue. We need to hand over a healthy earth to the next generation.

  • Megha Jaitly

    Please be Kind !! to animals, to plants, to trees, to nature. It hurts to see wastage of paper, non-vegetarianism and lack of understanding that we need to maintain a harmonious eco-system. We call ourselves educated – hence we must act like ones.

  • Jasween Kaur Sour

    stop hunting animals…….. plzzzzz

  • Karthik

    A very good initiative from the team behind this movie, the message to be carried away is being delivered through a powerful medium, I m sure this movie will be an eye opener for many things in the animal welfare activities being carried out by various people & organisations.

  • Brahma Chaudhary

    ANIMALS are the most precious GIFT on the EARTH for people sent by GOD…..but we are bringing them at verge of EXTINCTION…..which will result a colorless World….Really shocking. STOP IT ……STOP IT……. STOP IT……now for the sake of next generation…….Otherwise your grandchildren will see a TIGER in photographs only but not LIVE…Oh/What a PAIN……..

  • Sneha Vashisht

    hey guys plz like dis page…and help make india free of animal abuse

  • Nidhi Joshi

    1) Save water, n keep forest water clean. So that animal will die less.
    2) Do not pollute air because of polluted air some streets pet animals save their life.
    3) Cut less trees & make new Forests for animals..

  • Manreet

    Plz let animals live in dere homes…and plz save trees to save earth…

  • Ajit Shukla

    save….save animal and tree.

  • Himanshi Verma

    i want to point out on the cruelty with the animals specially because of deforestation please reduce the rate of deforestation …

  • Sanchari

    I directly want to point out to the illegal activities of poachers,which is increasing day by day. Tiger skinning and slaughter just for money is truly condemnable. So I request to d Govt to take necessary steps so dat our wild life grows unharmed.

  • Soja Jacob

    we are not the owners of this world…In Bible it is said God created us to take care of his garden and guard it…not to destroy it.Man is the only animal with more IQ power.Use that for the good of all living organisms by being near to nature because when nature is destroyed man automatically will get destroyed. We all are animals..never overpower other’s

  • Vinod Sirohi

    I just say that be a real human being and go Vegan & save the animals, because god made us Vegetarian & the Saver of the creation of God, don’t try to change the rules of god.



  • Ashwin

    Humans have laws to not rob or kill fellow humans. Than what about animals? We rob them of their homes to get land for agriculture and we kill them mercilessly to make clothes, statues, because we think some parts of them (like rhino horn) have magical powers or just to sell them for money! This act is outrageous and the Prime minister should put a stop to it at once!!!

  • Piyush Jain

    if human race follows the path of vegetarianism, then millions of innocent animals will be saved automatically. To produce 1pound of flesh 16 pounds of vegetation is required, so if we can preserve our earth’s vegetation(forest), we can save animals.Go Vegan, Save Vegetation, Save Animals.
    This can happen by making people aware,as is being done by our lovable organisation PETA.Great job, kindly continue this great work.

  • Jenny O'Neil

    Stop breeding! Humans are a blight on this planet!

  • Chander Kumar Soni


  • Sathish Kumar Subramanian

    I first thank every organization which works for the animal welfare and fight continuously with the evil forces to save the ecology, wild life and forests. Every human must understand and think that they are social animal and can do thinking rationally. But this is what the humans forget. They live in the world which has equal rights to every living beings. But he conquers all their places and start deforestation. Already the effect of human selfishness lead us to climate change, elnino, global warming, droughts, etc. Atleast after seeing these kinds of movies, he should agree his mistakes and start sharing the earth to the animals.They can stay away from forests. Give wild life a healthy living. I thank the crew to giving me a chance to share my views globally.

  • Dorothy Ramathal

    It all boils down to human greed in the name of development and also population explosion. If we let the forest and the general habitats of animals remain in reasonable sizes, both humans and animals can coexist as they have been doing so far. Animal populations are automatically controlled by nature, the humans have grown uncontrollably especially in our country and some other eastern countries and thus need more and more space for living and other activities.


    We human-being the most civilised species of this planet is responsible for destroying the habitat of wild life. Wild life creatures are equal owners of this green planet. Support “Delhi Safari’ for sake of our generations.

  • Pranika

    I think people should control the exploding rise in population so that we don’t have to clear forests for our own ever goring needs and we can thus help preserve animals’ natural homes. The movie trailer rightly shows the scene of the animals scared on the city roads.

  • Gajendra Khichi

    Introducing people about the habitat of animals, their life and what problems they face when their living place is destroyed, which can be done by way of movies,theaters,campaigns because what is required is awareness. And there is a need to create self realization in the people that we should think rationally before doing anything against nature and it`s beautiful creations.


    This planet doesn’t belong to human beings only and we can’t just exploit is as we own it.This belongs equally to all those whoever inhabit it.And all this creates a balance,ecological balance.If its disturbed we no longer can enjoy nature.Our enjoyment will be short lived.
    Animals form very important part of our nature.They should be taken care by wise humans who are able to tease them as well as save them protect them.All we need to change our mind sets ant to understand the importance of this ecological balance where everything has its importance.
    Animal inhabitants should be preserved.Natural forests should be protected,urbanization should be discouraged,more number national parks and centuries should be created and provide with the better facilities.Tree plantation should be encouraged and all this be should taken on immediate basis as it will help to preserver the nature at large.

  • Shivani

    Just leave them alone…and they will save themselves !

  • Johneh Sankar

    To make a natural home for all beings is very easy contradictory to our silly imaginations. To give some home to our fellow earthlings, first of all, People must realise that HOME is not the WORLD, but the WORLD is A HOME for many beings and extinct yet wonderful creatures. Also, People, beware that your home is just a Concrete structure, but not a place of Harmony and Blessing unless it is out of Harm to our fellow earthlings. People must give up their lavish expectations for their living room or should Plant a tree, in return for the tree which is consumed for interiors. We can adopt a TREE in any nearest Greens and must take responsibility for a tree in our locality. To be more logical and clear, being impossible to plant a tree amidst these Urban Jungles, we can make a green movement by Taking up lands from the rural areas and creating a artificial but green Forestry with the money we use to make pollution(BUYING CARS & SUCH POLLUTING MACHINES). Finally, DONT BE GREEDY & SELFISH. LEAVE A GREEN WORLD TO YOUR FUTURE GENERATION instead of RESILIENT, METAL & CONCRETE Structures.
    Thus a green world could be made in Future.

  • Tarun

    @ Kamalika
    this movie is releasing on the 26th of august 2011, and yes it is in 3D.
    i worked for this movie

  • Anshuman

    One should facilitate in activities which directly or indirectly help in preserving the natural habitat of various animals.
    We had the honor of privileged of sharing this world with them and we should make sure that our children have the same privilege.
    We need to understand that the end result of the actions, the consequences will not be born by us but rather by our children and their children. Dont ruin their their lives just to make your lives easier.

  • Rickabi

    much more movies sld b made…representing da animal world.. and da problems dey face…its an awsome initative..

  • Kriti-S


  • Tushar Sharma

    the awesome anime movie trailer dedicated to animals i ever had is this… this surely gonna kick out the box..

  • Ansuman

    In order to help preserve animal’s natural homes people should preserve nature and environmental sanity, reduce pollution of any kind and inculcate holistic relationship with fellow animals as the earth is meant for all the living beings to share.

  • Pia

    Animal Lovers have to take an initiative to convince people to stop treating animals like non-living things & Govt has to support groups/organizations supporting Animal Rights. Animals are living things with feelings so why we humans kill our feelings for them & take away their bear-minimum rights for our pleasure? People should respect a law which says animals have to be treated well & any discordance will be open to punishment.

  • Kamalika Roy

    This is super. cant wait to watch it in the silver screen….extremely smart audio video….wish it was in 3d too…

  • Gaurav

    When visiting wildlife areas for any recreation purpose, one should keep binoculars so as to avoid disturbing animals in their natural habitat. We should do fishing only in authorized areas and not just in any pond to avoid disturbing the underwater life. Also, one should avoid visiting these areas at times when animals are resting.


    1 of us should hav dat “anna hazare” spirit n protest for d animal protection b4 govt. n rest of d INDIANs wil follow!!!

  • Saif

    Think before you eat,
    think before you wear,
    think before doing anything that may cause harm to animals.
    If you have time think in animals perspective, and then you’ll see what you shall and shall not do.

  • Anmol

    Stand up against illegal land distribution (”depleting natural land – depleting wildlife”) by government of India to multi-national companies.

  • Metagoth

    Hey Vegans, Lets stand up and become a voice of the million speechless beautiful living beings around us.
    Imagine something beautiful without them. I think that is impossible. Lets not destroy something these beings help build. Come on do we destroy our own homes or what happens when someone destroys ours ever. We just curse them. Please stop destroying shelters of these beautiful beings. All we can do is to just sit quietly and let these beautiful beings nurture and prosper. Altogether they are our friends and our loved ones.

  • Mansi Chandorikar

    Delhi Safari seems to be a fun movie with an important message about caring for animals. I think everyone should start planting trees, stop people from transporting animals from their natural homes and of course become vegan!