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Dia Mirza Urges Fans to Shed Skins

Bollywood actor and beauty queen Dia Mirza knows that being comfortable in your own skin is sexy – but stealing someone else’s definitely isn’t. That’s why Dia teamed up with PETA India for a punchy ad urging her fans to shed exotic skins from their wardrobes. The ad was shot by ace photographer Jatin Kampani. Nahush Pise applied the stunning make-up, and credit for the costume and styling goes to Theia Tekchandaney.

Dia was horrified to learn how snakes, alligators and other animals suffer in the exotic-skins trade. Snakes are often nailed to trees or posts, skinned alive and left to suffer, sometimes for hours, before dying of shock or dehydration. Alligators are often crammed into small spaces on factory farms and then beaten to death with hammers or axes.

“Skinning animals alive or beating them to death for a pair of boots or a purse cannot be justified”, says Dia, an ardent PETA India supporter. “By choosing widely available fake snake and mock croc, you can pay tribute to these animals’ beauty without stealing their skins and killing them.”

Take Dia’s advice and take the pledge to shed exotic skins from your wardrobe.

Pledge to Shed Exotic Skins From Your Wardrobe

I, the undersigned, hereby pledge to shed exotic skins from my wardrobe. I say “No!” to the cruel slaughter of millions of animals around the world for their skins. I say “No!” to shoes, coats, bags and other products made from the skins of animals and to any other attempt to sneak animal skins into everyday items. I pledge to expose the truth about exotic skins and to spread the word until we close down the exotic-skins trade forever.

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  • Ayushi

    Visit Dia Mirza official website to know more about her.

  • Hema Bisht

    We eat meat or wear leather or enjoy circus or visit zoos. We never considered the impact of these actions on the animals involved. Kindly RETHINK?
    Good support & congratulate Dia Mirza for the campaign!!! Hema Bisht
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  • Zulfikhar Ahmed

    OK we will not use fur to look beauty !!!! But about for Food ???? Meat ???
    If u become Veg. Animals more than Human Beings…. If u dont eat u will not Die…
    But what about Lion and Tiger There Relation to Deers,Cows,Sambar,other bearfoot Animals !!!
    Dia Mirza DEE Pls. answere for HYD Mutton/Chicekn Biryani !!!

  • V Designs

    Thank You Diya Mirza for being the face of these facts. V-designs is a lifestyle accessory brand that has a range of luxurious lifestyle accessories all made from 100% animal friendly materials. You dont need to steal skin to cool… Love Nature, Live Stylish. To get your hand on our animal friendly products visit us on

  • Teju144

    i remember in d school days 25 years ago the film was shown to us how they nail d snake…ohhhhhhh it was so horrifying…….THANKS DIYA to support such nobel cause…human is the cruelest & harmful creature to the mother nature…

  • Chander Kumar Soni

    love you diya.

  • Sudhanya

    snakes have many joints in the skull and in the jaw so that they can have maximum movement. their bodies are tubular and thus they have organs present one after the other e.g. kideny, lung etc. Snakes have generally only one functional lung. In India there are only four types of venomous snakes and others are non venomous.

  • Coreen

    This is such a senseless thing 2 kill an animal 4. STOP this cruel practice now.

  • Ana Fontan

    Thank you Dia Mirza for helping so hearfully in PETA´s campaign to end the suffering of hundreds of innocent animals for their fur. You are a beautiful person, both inside and outside!!!

  • Sadhuvedantmuni Jain

    really DIYA MIRZA IS DOING WORK FOR THE CAUSES OF INNOCENT ANIMALS. we appreciate her acts for the welfare of the humanity.

  • R Manek

    Killing of animals in the name of fashion is cruel, inhumane and totally unnecessary, be it fur oranimal skin.
    Snakes can sense and feel trauma.

  • Suvarna Shrotri

    Please stop the torture on animals for their skin. Pledge not to buy any products mad from animal skin.

  • Nag

    if we kill everything out of fear or greed, soon this will be a lonely planet

  • Mary

    It is nice to see a beautiful women speak up for the snakes and crocodiles. We are ugly on the inside and out if one feels the need to wear such skins. Thank you Dia for speaking out.

  • SRB

    Lets not wipe out the beauty of vibrant colours of the natural world by
    being the cause of extinction of wildlife from
    the face of earth, stop wearing others skin

  • Marie-Francoise Kuss

    Caring for the wellbeing of animals means progressof civilisation.

  • Reidun Carstens

    Thank you Dia Mirza !

  • Grady

    Women are actresses not actors. Men are actors. It has been like this since movies were made until recent years. As far as furs these are the skins that belong on the rightful owner. Religions that practice or practiced Animal Sacrifices past and present are responsible in a major way of why are cultures exist worldwide towards animal use and abuse. India is not exempt from this due to its annual pilgrimage whereby thousands of animals are murdered all in the name of religion. Old testament bible offered many thousands of animals for burnt and sin offerings all in the name of God and religion. As a result we have animal sacrifices worldwide in the forms of: slaughterhouses,kosher killing,hunting,fishing,vivisection,animal experimentation,trapping,fur farms,annual canadian baby harp seal slaughter,animal sports: rodeos,bull fighting,rooster fighting,dog fighting,circuses that use animals,annual animal sacrifices worldwide, the list goes on and on. Why do you never ever hear rabbis or preachers or clergy ever talk about these atrocities? Because it would put a chinck in the armor of their faith that the word and scriptures of God are infallible. That they were given with divine inspiration to the prophets that cannot be challenged or disputed for it is 100% the true and spoken word of God Jehovah, God Yaweh. God has given every human being the attributes of love,compassion,mercy and a conscience to know right from wrong. Murdering animals in the name of religions or god (s) is purely murder. Those who espoused to these injunctions had the true and divine attributes given to them by God seared. Animal sacrifices are purely evil and demonic. No loving God who loved and cared for the very creatures He created would have ordained these horrors to the prophets. The prophets were hearing not the voice of God but of Satan and evil spirits. This is not about a person or persons, nationalities,religions,traditions,creeds,race,color,customs,etc but what is morally and consciencely right and correct. When mankind learns these principles then will a greater mankind merge and be infused with the animal kingdom for a better worldwide planetarian society.

  • Bella

    i wish people get concerned soon!!

  • Shubha

    A snake’s heart can slide 1 to 1 1/2 times its length from its normal position, to allow the passage of swallowed prey. This is because of the relative mobility of the pericardial sac, which surrounds the heart.

  • CaninceCompassion

    Did you know snakes are largely responsible for controlling of the rodent population and are an integral part of the food chain!