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Win a Cool ‘Delhi Safari’ T-Shirt

Written by PETA

Posted 10-18-2012, 06:08 PM | 19 Comments

What have you done to help protect animals’ natural forest homes? Answer this simple question by commenting below, and the person with the best caring and action-oriented answer will get this great Delhi Safari T-shirt.

Delhi Safari, in theatres October 19, was directed by PETA friend and top Bollywood director Nikhil Advani and produced by the 3-D animation experts of Krayon Pictures. Some of Bollywood’s brightest stars – including Govinda, Akshaye Khanna, Sunil Shetty, Boman Irani, Urmila Matondkar and Swini Khara – supply the voices and help make the animated animal characters come alive.

Delhi Safari is the story of the journey of animals who live in a national park in Mumbai. They are working towards saving their home from humans who want to tear it down. Will these unlikely friends be able to convince the prime minister in time to save their home?

You can help animals keep their natural homes, too. Send a message to the Prime Minister of India asking him to help save animals’ forest homes.

The contest is over now!

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  • Alan Ginlges

    where i live there are lost of scraggly birds that i feed. i have also saved hedgehogs.


    I have stopped reading hard copy of magazines and newspapers in order to save trees from cutting. There is no need to read local newspapers as it gives past day news which can be seen live on television on present day. Now i use only online readers and pdf versions of these.

  • Nikita Mishra

    I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. In 2010, I decided that I wanted to stop being a hypocrite and became a pure vegetarian. I use makeup products that are not tested on animals. I am gradually progressing towards turning into a vegan. I am against animal skin being used for making clothes. I have actively voiced my opinion of boycotting leather, suede, fur, reptile skin and any other animal hide used for making anything. I am planning to take up volunteer work at a tiger reserve this december. I really want to make a difference in the coming years. I don’t care for this contest, I just want others to know the importance of these animals and their lives. I hope that someday, these animals can be completely liberated from their fear of poachers, hunters and other organizations encroaching upon their land.



  • Ram Chandra Gurjar

    I am from a city which has least forest area in state.I have been working on plantation mission to create an area where animals can live with freedom. Existing forest area is being demolished by a few people. I am fighting against their intention. Because God created different sections for different creature to live and support each other and morally we have no right to demolish one’s house because we are not God.

  • Vedanshi Tulshyan

    I live in a city and I frequently remind and aware my relatives and friends not to waste materials that we get easily e.g.- paper, stationeries, food items, plants etc. We should rather use it to its maximum without wasting. Not using these materials would not be the solution. Decreasing our wants will be the ultimate solution to this problem. Nowadays people are concerned more about their wants rather than fulfilling others need. People should keep in their minds not to waste natural resources and realise its value. In earlier times when human wants were comparatively less we could see more of forests and greenery where everyone including animals had a place to reside in. So let us all spread awareness and make our mother earth a better place to live in.

  • Shaurya Jauhari

    Forests are the natural homes to diverse animal kingdom. It’s their abode in the first place. Living in the urban areas, it’s only occasional that I visit forests or dense vegetation areas. But despite, I know how significant they are to the wild animals. Being an active animal activist, I have advocated against the cutting down of trees in my neighborhood where there has been a significant decline in the number of visiting birds. I have also tried to spread awareness by participating in some get-togethers organized by like-minded environment caring people. I am also an avid blogger and my writings are primarily dedicated to animal welfare. I believe in a simple motto: “Respect life in all shapes and forms.” Sure animals, but also vegetation is in misery. Plants and trees getting cut down cannot be accounted for blood shed; that certainly doesn’t mean that causing harm is any less painful to them. I wish that I could understand what plants and animals talk; I would have been much stronger and consolidated, then!


    I just keep planting Two Trees on the Birthday of my two little children and see them (children and trees) growing every year. I alway motivate others (friends, family, collegues, school teacher) to do the same. I also motivate my villagers in Pauri Garhwal to grow more trees (like mango, gauva, neem etc.).


    Most of the people around me are idiots, they don’t care about nature but only money, so I thought taking up a job of educating about nature and importance of co existence of animals, I am trying to go green for atleast 90% in my activities, i have become a veggie, i have been using only public transport, i have not burst crackers for past 5 years, i have planted lots of plants, i am trying as much as possible to avoid wasting of paper, use of plastic is strictly prohibited in my life, and i have been recording and studying info of nature mainly birds of my locality. BEING A MECHANICAL ENGINEERING STUDENT I WILL TRY MY BEST TO EDUCATE OTHERS ABOUT NATURE AND REDUCE POLLUTION.

  • Paul Pop

    To help save the natural habitat of animals,I have stopped the use of paper made from cut down trees(using paper made from baggase is more friendlier towards the environment), I give the waste from my household for recycling,and use less water.I also grow plants wherever possible.

  • Dr.shamshad Yadwad

    It watever small way i can help nature i do.. Most importantly i never waste paper n educate others to do it as well this wil help us save lots of tress.. Which is a natural habitat for many animals..

  • Tejal Sutar

    Its tragic that people just care about themselves by cutting off the forests and trees for their self benefits,they don’t even think for a second about the animals who stay in it.They just need a open environment whom they can call their home.When they start encroaching to our place u feel animals have been such a terror but the truth is its all because of us that those animals are either homeless or in the zoo.please help us to save their homes..thank u

  • Vaibhav Jagtap

    We r saving animals mostly cow and others.. But what about slaughter’s and other hijackers of animals…. We Sairaj Friends are vegetarian and proud to be vegetarian…..

  • Deepak Singhai

    i try my best always to help animals… i always persuade my friends to give up non-veg by explaining them about the pain and fear caused to animals during slaughter…on my birthday party i always take them to veg restaurants only….and i don’t use any item which is made by animal skin..

  • Deepak Singhai

    lets make this world a better place to live..god has created everyone of us to live happily on this earth…so its time to live in harmony with every animal because they are also created by god…they r just like us full of feelings and emotions……they are our friend not our food…

  • Jinal

    Please Save the mute animal …

  • Dinesh Kumar

    I have stopped a person cutting a tree , in the regions of Western Ghats, Valaparai district. And gave first aid to a Deer hit by a truck

  • Rajath Mahaaveer

    I have Saved a dog when it’s leg was injured very badly. Some days back i had helped a cow when it had fallen in a Sewage area.

  • Bosky D

    God made this world.. and then he made humans to sustain peace and harmony in the world… But, is the so-called evolved specie playing its part right?


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