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Victory! 70 Beagles Rescued From Tests!

Written by PETA

Posted 12-15-2012, 06:43 PM | 109 Comments

It’s time to rejoice!

In a landmark move, 70 beagles who were imported from China by Advinus Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical laboratory in Bangalore, have been released to People For Animals and Blue Cross Chennai following a rigorous campaign for their release by PETA India and these groups. The dogs have been removed from quarantine and handed over to animal protection groups with the permission of the Ministry of Environment & Forests and through efforts made internally in government by MP Maneka Gandhi.

beagle victory image

The rescue was approved after PETA notified the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experimentation on Animals that it was falsely stated on an Animal Quarantine & Certification Service document that the dogs were “pets”, rather than for experiments. PETA also learned that Cathay Pacific Airways, which has a strict policy against transporting animals to laboratories, was misinformed by the supplier, Beijing Marshall Biotechnology Co., Ltd., that the dogs would not be used or killed in a laboratory.

More than fifty thousand people from around the world sent e-mails to authorities calling for the dogs’ release. Actor Trisha Krishnan also sent a heartfelt letter to the government calling for the dogs’ release. Many other celebrities helped by tweeting about the campaign and encouraging their fans to write.

“Recently, the Minister of Environment and Forests Jayanthi Natarajan flew to Chennai to personally inspect the 70 beagles. PETA commends and thanks Minister Natarajan for giving the serious attention to this case that it deserves”, says PETA’s Science Policy Advisor, Dr Chaitanya Kumar. “PETA India invites people who are ready to make the lifelong commitment to caring for a dog to adopt these puppies and give them the loving home that they were almost denied.”

Experimenters use beagles because of their friendly and docile nature. Beagles in laboratories spend their lonely lives in cages and are often poisoned with drugs, burned with chemicals or cut open in experimental surgical procedures. At the end of most of these experiments, they are killed and dissected.

Anyone in the Chennai area interested in adopting one of the rescued dogs is invited to contact People For Animals ( or Blue Cross Chennai (

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  • Raghav

    The tees they are wearing are too cool, how can I get one? I even participated in your competition a while ago you put on the website.

    • PETA

      Hi Raghav, you may write to us at

  • Shefali

    hey i want to adopt a beagle pup . but i am a delight ! i have been searching for a while now but now able to find any adoption opportunity of a beagle ! can u please help me adopt one !

    • PETA

      Hi Shefali, All these beagles have been adopted already. But if you would like to adopt a stray then you can visit a local animal shelter and adopt one. Here’s the directory where you can search for a shelter –

  • Kiran

    i need to adopt them because i love that breed dog i saved some money to buy tat dog i dont have tat much money if u interested i will take one of them plzzzz ….this is request…..i will donate tat saved money to your trust

    • PETA

      Hi Kiran, All these beagles have been adopted already. But if you would like to adopt a stray then you can visit a local animal shelter and adopt one. Here’s the directory where you can search for a shelter –

  • Kritika Narang

    hey !!!!
    First of all congratulaions for such a rescue opersation .
    I really want to work for peta but I live in Delhi, so do you have any branch in Delhi ?

  • Raj Priya

    Congrats peta india.
    Is there any adoption centre in kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

    • PETA

      Hi Raj, here is a list of adoption centers where you adopt from! –

  • Sonia

    Wow lovely post….. love to c u guys rescuing dogs…I got lab and I love him more than my kids…but sad part is I bought him from breeder.? Actually it ws not with intentions… but in pune have seen so many people leaving even pedigree dogs outside… now I have pledged to give shelter to homeless dogs… love u peta… you guys r doing amazing job

    • PETA

      Hi Sonia, Thank you for your wishes! We are glad you have changed your mind towards buying dogs, hope you spread the word and make others aware about it too, all the best :)

  • Poornima

    Hats off peta, love guys.. Im so happy n proud of u guys..

  • Sanjay Kumar

    Hi…PETA….I Wanna do work for Street Dogs and Cows… have any suggestion for Me…..or your any office in Delhi……Please reply

  • Bhanu Rekha

    Hi please let me known if there are any beagles or German shepherds for adoption in chennai.. I have contacted my local shelters but at the moment there are none available

    • PETA

      Why don’t you adopt an India breed from the street or shelter. Desi Dogs are not only adorable but also healthier than breed dogs.

  • Gunjan

    I am interested in adopting a beagle..Pls guide…M based in AHmedabad..

    • PETA

      Hi Gunjan, Would you mind adopting an Indian street dog from any shelter in Ahmedabad? Indian dogs are not only healthier than breed dogs, but they are also adorable and honest. It would be very grateful to you if you can adopt a homeless dog, as it will help a loving home to the dog.

  • Gayathri

    hi i’m from chennai and i would like to adopt a beagle puppy.. please help me out

    • PETA

      Hi Gayatri, this is a really old post. All these dogs have been adopted. How about adopting a local dog from a shelter who requires a loving home? Please contact Blue Cross in Chennai: Thanks!

  • Dhayal

    Hai PETA I’m dhayal from chennai. I’m interested in adopting GERMAN SHEPHARD puppy

  • Peter

    plz i am interested to dadopting one r two dog plz plz plz call me 09066260262

    • PETA

      These are dogs were already adopted long back. If you want to adopt some other dog then please visit a local animal shelter or adopt a street dog who is in need of help.

  • Sanjana

    I want to adopt a beagle puppy. I’m from chennai…. do u have any?
    jus lemme know
    thnx nd regards :)

    • PETA

      All the dogs have found homes. How about adopting a dog from the street or an animal shelter. There are so many animals in need of good and loving homes. You can also check this out:

  • Tarika

    Inspiring! You group of people are doing an amazing job,I have a lively beagle and to even imagine him in one of those cages brings me to tears,I understand all the beagle have been rescued, kudos!! I am interested in voulenteering for PETA India,kindly let me know how I need to go about it.
    Keep doing the great work.

  • Surya

    Iam very much interested in adopting a puppy… Can u pls tell me to whom should I contact…..

    • PETA

      That’s lovely! World For All can help you out:

  • Rohit

    i am interested in Beagle puppy for my home pls let
    Me know whom should I contact and what
    Is the process . As live in Chandigarh and will
    Happy to adopt Beagle Puppy
    My Contact No is +919316100387

  • Hima Krishnan

    I would like to adopt a puppy . Please let me know whom shall i contact . I live in chennai .

  • Kim

    Hi PETA,
    My name us kim n m interested in adopting a pair of I was brought up with dogs around me coz of which I simply love dogs but my ex never liked them now DAT we are not together anymore I want my son to experience the love of these wonderfully adorable loyal companions.. I
    want my son to grow up with love n respect for animals..plz help me adopt these lovely pets… m from Bangalore

  • Baljeet Virdi

    I own a beagle puppy and will be happy to adopt more. I am also keen on help the organisations involved in rescuing beagles from various labs. I am really interested in helping as a volunteer as I know how amazing it is to have a beagle and what they are going through in all these laboratories. kindly give me an opportunity to be a part of it to help i the campaign. thank you.

    • PETA

      Hi Baljeet, thanks for the offer! Although all the Beagles in this case have been rescued, can you e-mail us at so we can guide you accordingly. Also, please join our Activist Network to receive updates about our work and how you can help:


    I want to adopt a beagle puppy. Do you have any?

  • Vaibhav Bhardwaj

    i love beagle
    i will help u to to give a pair for breed a best shelter that he/she deserve
    my contact no is 9654818990

  • Meghna Negi

    Hi, is there any PETA cilinic in Dehradun, India. I have adopted a street dog, who is injured very badly on its head, he refuses to take any treatment or medication given by us, could you please help me in locating vet in Dehradun

  • PETA

    @Dass We don’t have any Beagles up for adoption. But, we do have some pups who urgently need homes. Please email and we’ll get back to you.

  • Dass

    Iam in chennai. Pls help me to adopt the puppy

  • Dass

    I would like adopt the puppy to my home pls help me

  • Erika-G

    @Priyanka Dutta We don’t have any Beagles up for adoption, instead how would you like to give a home to one of these sweet pups?:

  • Priyanka Dutta

    DAT really a good news..i will care to adopt 1 of it..if kindly tell me wats d procedures and everythning in my mail id i will b delight..

  • Pramod Singh

    Excellent Team work, congratulations to the team.

  • Tanvi

    I want to adopt a puppy but Im from Delhi. Is it possible to do so?

  • Anirudh

    People who do this to animals should be ashamed of themselves. Using beagles for their friendly and docile nature is so ironic. Karma is a bitch and it will get them. I hope it does.

  • Jinpa

    CONGRATULATIONS! What wonderful work. I have a friendly and docile nature too but luckily I don’t live in a cage.
    All power to you

  • Kym McCall

    It is rewarding to know that dialog and persitents does make a difference. It take’s both sides of the coin to come together and make change. Kudos to both sides for coming together for these lucky dogs. Keep up the good work. Thank you all….


    Dear Peta, m very eager to adopt one of those beagle….but i live in dehradun… can that be possible…..kindly guide me and mail me the details….Thanks.

  • Daemon L

    I’m very happy to hear this news.I want to work for Peta.Is there any way i can?

  • Awesh Kumar

    Hi, First of all, i wanna congratulate all of u guys for the great victory. Hats off to u!
    I wanted to know if they are available for adoption. Would be happy to take care of one.

  • Harpreet

    well done !

  • Uttara Shah

    this news is very very encouraging. well done PETA, please continue the good work.

  • Shashi

    Good Job Peta

  • Lopintirajkiranreddy

    according to a survey report there are only 300 to 400 living dog species and subspecies are present in this time and there are some the dog species are in dangered species list.
    so i requested please to take additonal care to protect the dogs from the dangered species list. there are so many street dogs are still dying because of the illegal killing.

  • Anwesha

    What a triumph this is! I wish all the dogs find loving homes. I will pass this message forward.
    Cheers to all the staff of PETA.

  • Mayumi Patil

    I love animals but never got a chance to save their lives….. I just feed stray dogs and cats….. but cant take them home as i am in hostel…. I would love to adopt a cat….Thank you.

  • Dr.Jagdish Mittal

    Very nice and appreciable attempt .This will work as an eye opener for others.

  • Rahul Verma

    you are doing a wonderful job by saving animals from humans greed.
    best of luck.

  • Rajeev Singh

    I would like to adopt one of these beagles if possible. i already have a lab.

  • Ashish M

    Hey, I live in Hyderabad. Can I adopt one of the beagles please?

  • Hemanth

    Good Job.
    Can we Adopt in Bangalore?

  • Vikram Gulati

    Thank Jayanti Natrajan for saving the Beagles – they can’t be experimented with

  • Mukul Gupta

    hey guys i am not from chennai, stil i badly want to adopt this life long companion. i am from chandigarh. can i get this cute fellow? i will pay any carrying charges it takes to ship beagle to chandigarh

  • Manreet

    congratulations….can i also adopt one?


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