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Most Victoria Carriages Illegal

Written by PETA

Posted 01-24-2013, 11:27 AM | 15 Comments

During the recent High Court of Bombay proceedings regarding the case in which non-profit organisations, including PETA, are calling for a ban on cruel Victoria carriages in the city, it was revealed that now only 18 Victoria drivers carry licenses to ply, while all others are completely illegal. The counsel for the traffic commissioner informed the court that a total of 53 applications for licenses were received, out of which 35 were outright rejected on the basis of offences against the carriage drivers, horses who weren’t fit, cruelty to animals, overloading and other illegalities.

Victoria Carriages Illegal

On 4 October 2012, the Honourable Court stated, “The Licencing Authority while exercising powers under the provisions of the Bombay Public conveyances Act, 1920 shall take into consideration the provisions of Section 11 and the other provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and shall consider whether the places, where the concerned horses are kept, are maintained in hygienic condition or not. As far as, licence to be issued for fitness of horse is concerned, the same shall be considered on the basis of fitness of horses”.

PETA questions the certificates issued to the 18 horses who have been given licenses to ply since equine experts have explained that forcing horses to haul carriages on the city’s streets is inherently cruel, as it often results in permanent leg damage, collapses and traffic accidents. PETA calls on authorities to confiscate all Victoria horses immediately for drivers who have not been issued licenses to help ensure the safety of people and the welfare of horses while continuing to ask for a total ban on the cruel trade.

“A business based on the abuse of animals can never be regulated into legitimacy”, says Dr Manilal Valliyate, director of veterinary affairs for PETA India. “Delhi has banned cruel and dangerous horse-drawn carriages, and Mumbai must do the same.”

Poonam Mahajan of People for Animals, one of the other groups intervening in the case, states, “While we welcome the Hon’ble Courts Order, it is inherently cruel to make horses ply on concrete. There is no need to go into individual cases. While we spend hours going into individual cases horses keep having accidents and dying. We need a comprehensive solution like in Delhi. Horses must not be made to suffer on Mumbai’s streets a second longer than these wonderful beings already have”.

You can help bring in the ban. Learn how you can help.

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  • Ann Atkins

    STOP this cruel animal abuse. They do NOT belong on roads with cars, buses and taxis!!!!

  • Anne-Mari Gavin

    This MUST be STOPPED. Look at that animal —- NOT HAPPY!!!! Listen to them please. See Job 12:7-8

  • Auderset Danielle

    STOP !!

  • Anil

    Is there a way the Victoria owners could surrender their horses to a sanctuary and be compensated? If not the horses could end up killed for their meat and hide.

    • PETA

      There are no horse slaughterhouses in India. The court has directed the Mumbai gov’t to develop a rehabilitation scheme for horses and drivers.

  • Belinda Teasadle

    The sooner this is stopped the better things will be for all concerned

  • Neela

    Its really good news but I am curious to know what will happen to those horse now and also the owners of PETA take care of this also or dome other NGO is involved for that?

    • PETA

      Hi Neela, The court has directed the govt to come up with a rehab scheme.

  • Richa

    The remaining 18 horses should be rescued asap!!

  • Neerav Risbood

    that is good news ban all of them. I want human driven carriages controlled by horses. That would make them realize how it feels.

  • Vikramaditya

    ban it for life.

  • Rohan Bendre

    nice work but ban all the 18 horse carraige owners. animal labour is crime.
    i love animals

  • Shreya Kaushik

    hope PETA can free animals from cruelty

  • Adyasha

    Stop this cruel practice.

  • Eleonora Rovere

    respect and save for all animals !


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