Sushil Kumar Can Pin Down Any Non-Vegetarian

Posted on by PETA

Olympian%20Sushil%20Kumar%20says%2C%20%27Go%20Vegetarian%27.jpgDid your mother ever tell you to finish your greens before leaving the dinner table? If so, you better start listening to mommy if you want the strength and stamina of Sushil Kumar.

India’s star wrestler is a vegetarian hunk who can pin down almost any non-vegetarian. In a press interview with ANI he said “I am a vegetarian myself and I want to send out this message to everyone that vegetarians are powerful, they have the stamina. Look at me, I defeated non-vegetarians from America and Kazakhstan in the Olympics. So, you can see that vegetarians have a lot of strength.”

If you still think meat eaters are stronger than vegetarians, we suggest you watch Sushil fight a non-vegetarian. Watching him beat a meat-eater will surely break the bubble of misconception. A vegetarian diet is nutritional, spiritual and above all: moral. There are several reasons for you to go veg, including protecting our environment, your health and stopping the cruelty that goes in the making of your dinner.

Take the first step towards a vegetarian lifestyle by pledging to never inflict cruelty towards animals for food.