Sofia Hayat’s Birthday Gift to Bunnies

Posted on by PETA

When sultry actor, model and singer Sofia Hayat told us she wanted to dedicate her birthday to animals, we knew she’d be able to turn heads and hearts. Dressed as a sexy bunny, the birthday girl burst out of a cake at her 6 December bash to urge her guests to buy only cruelty-free cosmetics.

Sofia is the latest celebrity to join PETA’s campaign to persuade the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to follow the European Union’s lead and ban cosmetics testing on rabbits, mice, rats and other animals.

“There’s nothing sweet about harming rabbits and poisoning rats for lipsticks and eye shadow”, said Sofia, who was recently featured in the Bollywood film Diary of a Butterfly and has appeared on Bindass TV’s Superdude.

In 2013, it will be illegal to test cosmetics and their ingredients on animals in the EU or to sell cosmetics that have been tested on animals even if tested in a different country. PETA’s proposal for a similar ban in India has already gained support from the Indian Council of Medical Research, the Mahatma Gandhi-Doerenkamp Center for Alternatives to Use of Animals in Life Science Education, the Animal Welfare Board of India, international companies The Body Shop and LUSH and Indian companies Omved and Shahnaz Husain.

More than 1,300 companies around the world have banned all animal tests, but many still subject animals to painful tests in which substances are smeared on their skin, sprayed in their faces or forced down their throats. Because of the vast physiological differences between humans and animals, the results of these tests are often misleading.

Until the government sees the light and bans animal tests, we can save bunnies and other animals every time we shop by taking Sofia’s advice and purchasing cosmetics and other products from the growing number of companies that use modern, effective, non-animal testing methods.