Meet Paul and Nancy

Posted on by PETA

To recognise Sir Paul McCartney’s work for animals and to celebrate his marriage to the beautiful Nancy Shevell, Animal Rahat – an organisation supported by PETA US that helps alleviate the suffering of animals forced to work – has named two adorable rescued puppies Paul and Nancy. A photograph of Paul and Nancy has been sent to, well, Paul and Nancy. The Beatles legend is a long-time supporter of PETA India and its global affiliates. “He and his late wife, Linda, were among the first supporters of PETA US. Sir Paul has always been concerned about the suffering of street dogs, and we hope that others will be inspired to bring a stray or shelter dog into their homes”, said PETA India.

In an accompanying letter to the newlyweds, Animal Rahat programme manager Sudheesh Nair wrote that the puppies “were running in fright after having witnessed the accident which killed their mother in Sangli”.

The puppies are now under the care of Animal Rahat and are doing well. See? All you need is love!

You can help end the homeless-dog and -cat crisis by always adopting and never shopping for animals.